Heart Centered Circle Wall Art (Self-Adhesive)-Wall Decor-ABSTRACT WALLPAPERS, CIRCLE WALL ART, ECO MURALS, NATURE WALL ART, PATTERN WALLPAPERS, STONE WALLPAPERS, SUSTAINABLE DECOR-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Heart Centered Circle Wall Art (Self-Adhesive)-Wall Decor-ABSTRACT WALLPAPERS, CIRCLE WALL ART, ECO MURALS, NATURE WALL ART, PATTERN WALLPAPERS, STONE WALLPAPERS, SUSTAINABLE DECOR-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Heart Centered Circle Wall Art (Self-Adhesive)-Wall Decor-ABSTRACT WALLPAPERS, CIRCLE WALL ART, ECO MURALS, NATURE WALL ART, PATTERN WALLPAPERS, STONE WALLPAPERS, SUSTAINABLE DECOR-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor

Heart Centered Circle Wallpaper (Self-Adhesive)

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About this product


Heart Centered Self-Adhesive Circle Wall Art

This beautifully made graphic wall art has the perfect French Country vibe. With the flawless combination of blue and gold and a beautiful maiden at the center, it catches the eyes of spectators.

This stunning round mural is digitally printed on self-adhesive wallpaper, meaning you won't need to use wallpaper paste! It is designed to be a simple and highly impactful way for you to update any space.

These round murals or circle murals, measure 128cm in diameter. 

Get started on creating an accent wall or updating your spaces with these unique and innovative alternatives to traditional wallpaper features!


Where it comes from

Printed in Germany by family-owned Komar, these round murals were designed to bring art to the home in the simplest of ways. They pair first-class designs, high print quality and years of experience with a dedication to sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.


How to Use

Use this self-adhesive wall art to instantly update the feel of any room. It would make a beautiful feature in any living space including on a wall over a dining table. Alternatively, use to create a feature wall in a bedroom.

Also available in many different styles and designs, the options are endless for updating your home, workplace or studio with these incredible circles.





  • Size: 128cm in diameter
  • Materials: Self-adhesive round mural with water-based latex inks

The water-based latex inks used in this self-adhesive round mural are non-toxic and completely odourless, which not only guarantees pure room air but is also good for the environment. This is confirmed by the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification®, which the inks are certified with.

Komar's non-woven wallpapers have also been awarded the "Confidence in Textiles" certificate (textiles successfully tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Oeko-Tex Standard 1000) and are FSC®-certified, which guarantees sustainable forestry. 


    Connection to Nature


    How you connect with this item

    Nature views

    Surrounding yourself with this nature-inspired wall art can help you improve your positive mood, psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness and vitality. In fact, it is proven that representations of nature contribute to daily perks and emotional uplifts that together generate improved health and well-being for urban residents and for those confined to indoor environments. Some of these benefits are further explained here.




    Shipping Times


    Europe: 5-10 days

    Outside of EU: 7-15 days

    Learn more in our FAQs at Forest Homes

    A guide to help you understand about your interaction with our decor products and their building materials. 
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    It is essential that our decorative items and accessories enable you a meaningful connection to natural environments in simple ways -even when your location or daily routines don't allow to go for a walk in the park, or a forest on a daily basis. In order to achieve this, you need to really understand how you interact with decor products. At Forest Homes, we continuously work on improving your navigation and understanding of our products for the decoration of your spaces. 

    To make your experience as easy and informed as possible, we detail several aspects about our decor so that you know precisely what you are getting with these products.

      Let's guide you though Forest Homes' store experience.

        Decor Support

        You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support - Sabrina Bryan  

        We all have particular preferences and situations that we need to consider when incorporating decorative items at home or workplace, and we want to be sure to build the right ambiance for this place that will surround us every day. This is where we have come to help you. Here we provide personal support for your unique natural design endeavours.


         Our natural decor products' features are symbolised with icons for your ease of recognition and improved benefit.

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        Ideas on how to use decoration

        We tend to not take as much benefit from our belongings due to lack of understanding of its ranges of use. 

        The main objective of this section is to suggest several uses of the decor item in particular to assure you obtain the most advantage of your interior decor and actually get to experience all the benefits that come from being connected to natural environments through it. In this section, we show you how our interior decor with the qualities and features of nature in mind, helps you create a more naturally evocative space. The goal is to stir your home/office/workplace spaces with positive emotional experiences: enjoyment, pleasure, interest, fascination, and wonder- precursors of human attachment to and caring for these spaces.

        How you connect with decor items 

        Life- supporting processes, such as fire, water, and sun are experienced in multi-sensory ways. Our fascination with nature is derived not just from natural elements, but also from the qualities and attributes of natural settings that our senses find particularly appealing and aesthetically pleasing

        Natural habitats are sensory rich and convey information to all human sensory systems, including sight, sound, touch, taste, and odor. To this day, the vast majority of research in environmental space aesthetics focuses on the visual environment, Forest Homes interests in promoting how home/workplace design appeals to multiple senses.

        We cater to the principles of multi-sensory design that is emotion entered, aiming to create restorative spaces that promote urban sustainability. In this sense, we offer decor products that are not only beautiful but are positively stimulating for human senses. In this section we explain you how these decorative items specifically impact your senses.

        About decor's building materials

        If we have authentic, honest, earthy materials in our spaces, we'll be more authentic, honest and natural - Alexandra Stoddard

        We sustain resource consciousness as a value to choose our decor, preferring when possible sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing in our nature inspired designs. We thoroughly study our products' composition and hence describe aspects about material manufacturing and handling, and also about possibilities for decor product' second-life or recycling.

        This section allows us to understand about materials present in our decoration, further promoting sustainability- namely the protection of environmental resources as well as social and economic resources involved in everyday products' entire life cycle.

        Most of our nature decor products are manufactured using sustainable materials, however we continue to closely work with artisans to further develop nature inspired decor made entirely of sustainable materials, so that one day we can proudly say we only offer sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing in our decor catalog.


        The truth of the story lies in the details - Paul Auster 

        Natural decor product specifications are made as specific as possible, and described in a simple language to provide you with a detailed, understandable picture of the item you are getting. If any further questions arise, it is always possible to ask further questions on the boxes and the bottom of every product page.


        Most of our decor products are handmade or custom-made, requiring the adequate preparation so that you advantage on quality and experience.

        Our shipping is specified for each our products. You receive free shipping and returns in your purchases that are applicable. If you are not pleased with your decor or accessories, you can return them in a 30-day period*. For more details refer to our Shipping Policy.


        What to look for when
        choosing a wall mural?

        Find here all the details about our innovative, nature inspired and sustainable murals.

        Why choosing our murals?

        Connection to nature

        Enables a seamless connection to nature indoors - even when location or routines don't make a walk in the park, or a forest possible on a daily basis. 

        Sustainably made

        Built with certified for non-toxic inks, and paper textiles that guarantee sustainable forestry practices. 100% free of PVC and Phthalates.

        Ethical production

        Proudly designed and produced in the EU, under fair, safe and enjoyable work conditions.

        Experience Peace-of-mind

        Get outstanding results with the least effort

        We make the customisation, delivery, and installation of your mural wallpaper a very simplified process with a highly professional outcome, so you can succeed at your decor projects.

        How to order your mural

        Ordering your mural at Forest Homes is really simple, and can be simply achieved online. Please follow the steps below.

        Nature wall art, mural wallpaper painting in living room. Shop nature decor at Forest Homes

        1. Choose your preferred size

        2. Confirm your wall measures

        jungle mural illustration in bedroom at Forest Homes
        abstract mural inspired in nature in office at Forest Homes

        3. We deliver, you install and enjoy

        Find your own mural style

        nature murals, nature wallpapers, nature wall murals, custom murals, nature decor, Forest Homes

        What our customers say

        Super satisfied with the service and the human support I get every time I shop at Forest Homes. My questions are always answered with care, and they go above and beyond to make sure we're satisfied with the results. I'm glad to support you in this beautiful mission of connecting people with nature.

        Clara Hughes

        I was more than impressed with the quality of these murals for these amazing prices. For the same things I buy at Forest Homes, another similar brand will charge me x2 times the price. So, I'll definitely keep buying here for my future projects. Thank you!

        Madeleine Jansson


        Enjoy everyday life surrounded by your own natural scene

        We help you connect with nature while indoors


        Custom service for all

        We print and deliver to you, wherever you are in the world

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