Permandangan Cushion Covers-Comfort-CUSHIONS / PILLOWS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Permandangan Cushion Covers-Comfort-CUSHIONS / PILLOWS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Permandangan Cushion Covers-Comfort-CUSHIONS / PILLOWS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor

Permandangan Cushion Covers

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About this product


One forest inspired cushion cover for comfort in living room, dining room or outdoors

 Give your rooms natural accent with these tree inspired, highly breathable and resistant cushion covers. Use these cushion covers to positively stimulate your health and create a forest inspired home. You can also use these cushion covers to add a dash of colour to your home. Different types of coloured cushions helps bring about contrast and spunk in your home decor. And the best part is that you can keep changing the cushion covers, and thus the colours of your cushions.   

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About building materials

Linen blend

The linen-cotton-polyester mix of fabrics in these cushion covers provides some great properties. This blend has excellent moisture absorption, is highly breathable and has body and crease-resistant properties, which keeps the propensity of creasing the fabric with its use.





  • Size: 45x45cm / 18"x18"
  • Material: Cotton, linen and polyester fabric
  • Color: Beige
  • Hidden zipper for easy insertion or removal
  • Washable and durable
  • Breathable and resistant





  • Single cushion cover

Note: This product does not include the cushion that goes on the inside. You can find that one here!


Connection to Nature


How you connect with this item

Nature views 

Nature views provide real, quantifiable health benefits, both mental and physical. Incorporating these cushion covers allows you to perceive natural elements in a way that shows both variation and similarity in form and appearance due to growth patterns. These beautiful ‘structures’ of nature in these cushion covers facilitate us the task of classification by presenting evidence of the taxonomic relationships between things in a way that is informative and easy to grasp.




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 Returns and Refunds

 We like happy foresters! In the case that this product does not satisfy your needs, we will provide you with a full refund. For further details please refer to Make a Return/Refund.

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Why you should choose the Permandangan Cushion Covers

Improved wellbeing with biophilic design

With the use of this item, you can increase your direct and indirect contact with nature indoors. This is shown to bring a significantly positive impact to your wellbeing.

Conscious lifestyle with sustainable production

This product has been created in ethical and environmentally friendly standards. Also, because of its great quality and materials, it's a long lasting article that you could keep for a lifetime.

Innovation & design distinction

This object is a result of innovating with materials, manufacturing, function, or product design. This allows to truly differentiate the overall design outcome of your spaces.

How to benefit from
using natural materials
in your interiors?

There’s something about the aesthetic and physical experience of natural materials that taps into a deeper part of ourselves.

Nature inspiration
with your own signature

Thanks to our wide range of styles, you can meet your different creative pursuits here.

Create an indoor life
closer to nature

Given the amazing benefits of closeness to nature, it should be as essential as having a bed to sleep.

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