Our Nature Inspired Story

"We felt so much brighter after being close to nature for a long time that we wondered -if we could all be more relaxed and motivated everyday, how much difference would that make to our daily lives and global issues?".

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The idea of Forest Homes began in the middle of a long road trip. After years of living deeply immerse in city life, we decided to take a break and do one long voyage around Europe.

At first we wanted to visit important cities and discover what they had to offer, but after passing by a few of them, we actually realised that the experience was much more soothing when we were out in wild spaces than when we were touring around big capitals. So we decided to change our routes and travel to the most unique natural places.

The more we went into these places, the more we noticed that our behaviour changed. We felt less anxious about the next thing to do; we felt happy and fulfilled. We thought, “Well we are on holidays, nobody stresses on holidays”, but in fact it isn't always the case, we had been many times on holidays but we hadn't experienced such peaceful feelings before. Why did we feel this way?

Looking to answer this question we found many studies that show that prolonged contact with natural environments improves our wellbeing in general. Yes, just as simple as that. A daily walk in the park, in the mountains or through a forest has a huge positive impact on our health and state of mind. What happens though is that we get so immersed in our daily urban routine that we neglect this natural part of our beings. We don't take enough time to disconnect from the city to enjoy ourselves in nature. We tune up to society’s pulse and we tend to forget our own.

"Hoping to make a difference, we embarked on the mission of constructing positively stimulating environments for healthier and happier people. That's how it all began".


Getting back to nature was an eye-opening experience. we evidenced how it made us feel stronger and more present. Our reconnection to nature was such that once back home we had to look for ways to keep this connection present all times- even in the midst of the city, far from the mountains, forests, parks and unable to plant trees in our living room. This is when we decided to bring forest elements and forest vibes into our home and how Forest Homes started up. Our company first began in France and we are now based in Lisbon with projects to expand our Forest Homes initiatives into other European capitals: London, Madrid and Paris.

This platform is a way for us to share this life experience and encourage others to be in constant contact with nature even when not having time to go out every day in the wild. Years of tests and study on the effects of nature surroundings on human wellbeing have given us the base to offer products with specific benefits for our daily lives.

We hope Forest Homes serves to build stronger bonds between people and the environment, promotes love and care for nature, and also specific actions to protect our forests- the lungs of our world. 

"We believe we should always stay connected to our natural origins.

We believe in a balanced life-style, and maintaining a connection to nature is essential for that balance.

We believe in forest inspired homes that boost our everyday wellbeing, make us more performant and delight us with the beauty of now".