To encourage love for the environment

Natural products unnoticeably nurture human everyday relationship with nature. Increased contact with them ultimately encourages more care for the environment.

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We are drawn into the elements a modern city has to offer; the increased connectivity, the creativity, innovation, sights, new ideas, delicious food, and so on. However, this immersion in city life has resulted in oblivion and disconnection to nature, which has further transcended in our ways of living and behaving everyday- somewhat unaware of the impact of our daily activities on our natural environments. 

Environmental issues

Our environment today is in a very vulnerable state. Despite the great amounts of information available about this-including solutions that we could all start applying instantly, there is yet a long way to go on encouraging reactions that correspond to the current environmental problems we face. Global initiatives and programs to protect nature are helpful, but if they remain top-down solutions, it won't suffice to restore and protect our current environmental issues. 

While there are many factors that affect our behaviours towards environment interest, the fact of growing apart from nature makes us most likely to not care or not have enough interest about it. This is the reason Forest Homes has engaged in the mission of bringing back that connection to nature in people's everyday life.

Connect to nature everyday to promote environmental care

Senses are channels that inform us about everything around and guide our actions. By using sensorial and natural decor, we aim to build a seamless bridge that nurtures human relationship with nature and encourages care for the environment. We hope to help increase environment appreciation and consciousness about the impact of our actions- with all the benefits this implies both for the wellbeing of our customers as individuals, and for the protection of our environment as a collective.

We aim to have more people connect and interact with natural elements everyday- even when not being able to experience the real thing on a daily basis.