Forest Moss Edge Greening Element-Wall Decor-MOSS FRAMES, MOSS WALL ART, NATURE WALL ART, PLANTS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Forest Moss Edge Greening Element-Wall Decor-MOSS FRAMES, MOSS WALL ART, NATURE WALL ART, PLANTS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor

Forest Moss Edge Greening Element

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Forest Moss Greening Element

This beautiful moss greening elements can be added to your moss walls for special effects, especially to cover wall edges and make it look more natural. It is a professional solution for everyone who needs a fast and individual plant wall solution.

Design your green walls the way you like it! With our moss greening elements, you can make your wall look even more beautiful and professional.


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Reindeer Moss and Stainless Steel

This moss circle frame is surrounded by a high quality frame made of stainless steel steel. All of our plants and mosses are genuine and 100% naturally preserved. That is why they are intended for interior use only.

The stainless steel steel frame is hand manufactured and made in Germany. The frames are 2mm wide and 40mm deep.

Our moss frames are 100% real and durably preserved in a special process. Though these plants don't require light or water, they retain their vividly green appearance and a fresh, soft feel.




  • Weight: approx. 0,2kg
  • Sufficient for approx. 5m of surrounding edge greening 
  • Type of vegetation: 100% natural forest moss 
  • Suspension: The flexGREEN edge greening is fixed with hot glue

The plants and mosses used are 100% natural and are permanently preserved in a special process. They now need neither light nor water. Nevertheless, the plants look lively green and feel smooth and fresh.


Connection to Nature


How you connect with this item

Natural look - Textured touches

The way your spaces feel has a direct effect on your emotions and perceptions. Being made of 100% moss, a natural occurring element, this wall art has aesthetically pleasing stimuli, encouraging processes of exploration and sense making for sight, which attract and hold a person’s attention effortlessly. On the other hand, this invites human touch. This invitation for further exploration motivates learning and successive sensorial engagement.




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How to Care for Moss Products


  • Please avoid permanent, intensive sun or light exposure (e.g. halogen spotlights at close range)
  • Please avoid extreme humidity (>70%) and very dry air. 
  • Never hang the products near fireplaces, heaters or other sources of heat.
  • Even if the plants look absolutely natural: please do not water or spray!
  • Our plants and mosses are purely natural products, so in rare cases changes may occur. (colour change, lichen formation, growth)
  • ATTENTION: The moss can give off its colour on contact. Use gloves for assembly or wash your hands immediately afterwards to avoid soiling other objects.


Learn more in our FAQs at Forest Homes

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