Forest View Tapestry

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Tapestry for wall decor, decorative prints, ceiling hanging fabric, yoga blanket, picnic mat, table cloth. 

Immerse yourself in a natural environment with these gorgeous forest views tapestries. Hang them up in your bedroom, living room or your room of preference. Seeing natures views enhances our feelings of peace and relaxation in spaces, which can help improve our wellbeing and increase positive experiences. It could also be used in office/group work environments to stimulate ideas and work comfortably with reduced stress. This wall art not only embellishes any space but also serves to transform your lounge, bedroom, bathroom, and other places with urban appearances into more natural spaces. Learn how to use your wall tapestry in different styles here

eye that represents seeing tapestry for home decor   tree representing stimulating nature tapestry for home decor


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Nature views

Surrounding yourself with nature scenes is proven to improve our positive mood, psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness and vitality. In fact, it is proven that representations of nature contribute to daily perks and emotional uplifts that together generate improved health and well-being for urban residents and for those confined to indoor environments. Some of these benefits are further explained here.





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Polyester fibers are strong, durable, resistant to stretching, shrinking, wrinkling, mildew and abrasion. For its hydrophobic nature, it is quick drying. Polyester retains its shape and hence is good for making outdoor fabrics. It is easily washed and dried. Although polyester manufacturing is very energy-demanding, one of the most positive aspects of polyester is that it is completely recyclable, and it is also possible to manufacture polyester from recycled plastics. This means that we can access the benefits of polyester without needing to manufacture from virgin petroleum stocks. There are an increasing number of new polyester-type fabrics that are made from recycled plastics. Therefore, we should always keep in mind this product's second life.



  • Material: Polyester
  • Illustration: Forest
  • Woven
  • Size: 150x130 cm | 59x51 in


Pack Includes

1 woven polyester wall tapestry or wall hanging


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