Geo Ceramic Jar
Geo Ceramic Jar
Geo Ceramic Jar
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Geo Ceramic Jar
Geo Ceramic Jar
Geo Ceramic Jar
Geo Ceramic Jar
Geo Ceramic Jar
Geo Ceramic Jar

Geo Ceramic Jar

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About this product


Geo Ceramic Jar is a cylinder-shaped object that can be used for many things. It can be used as a vase, a pencil holder, a container–anything you can imagine. It has a waterproof ceramic body and has 4 wooden attachments that can be stacked and used as a whole new item.


What it contains


Part 1. Base

The ceramic cylinder is an open-ended vessel that lets users decide what it is. It may start life off as a vase, that once cracked becomes a pen stand or a keeper of forgotten things.

Part 2. Flat base / Lid

The second base, Part 2, acts as a base to create a complete object in wood with Parts 4 and/or 5. Place it on top of Part 3, and you have a small wooden vessel.

Part 3. Lid/Little bowl

Place it on top of Part 1 and there’s a lidded jar. Place it under Part 2 and you have a small lidded bowl. Or, use it by it self as a simple little holder to keep odds and ends.

Part 4. Bottleneck

Turn the wide ceramic vessel into a single stem vase by placing the Bottleneck on Part 1. Insert Part 5 in between, and use it for long stems. Or stack it up with Part 1 and/or 2 to make make a wooden holder.

Part 5. Conduit

Extend your vase/ holder with the conduit or connect two pieces that otherwise won’t fit.


Where it comes from


Originally specialising in graphic design, Minim partnered up with a potter to turn their designs into a reality. Their products gives the best quality by being individually made and manufactured responsibly. The handcrafted items are seen as a dialogue between two different fields, two makers, two backgrounds and they hope that customers can enjoy the conversation as much as they do.



  • Includes: Base, Lid/Little Bowl
  • Size:
    • Diameter 9.5 cm
    • Height
      • Base 13 cm
      • Lid/Little Bowl 5.5 cm
  • Materials: Stoneware and teak wood


Connection to Nature


This product connects you to nature by the interaction with its building materials: natural stone and teak wood, and by using its ergonomic design made to improve our everyday wellbeing. 

Regarding the interaction with wood, it is shown that touching wood with the palm calms prefrontal cortex activity and induces parasympathetic nervous activity more than other materials, thereby inducing physiological relaxation (NCBI, 2017). 

In regards to ergonomically designed products, they support our productivity and decrease stress, whereas poor ergonomics can have a negative impact on our wellbeing (The Wellbeing Experience, 2020).




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