Giant Sequoia Air Purifier

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Essential Oil Diffuser, Air Purifier, Refresher for living room, bedroom, office, yoga space or any home space.    

Use it to enhance your overall wellbeing, calm and assuage any room at home or work. This aroma diffuser aids the care and refreshment of skin; relieves stress; improves air quality by detoxing, purifying, eliminating undesirable odours, and neutralising static present in breathing air. Giant Sequoia Air Purifier has a beautiful, modern design which helps setting a forest home environment.

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Better breathing

Adopting a forest inspired breathing with this diffuser allows fresh, natural and positive air at home, as it is proven that diffusing essential oils helps eliminate negative ions in spaces and creates a more enjoyable environment. There are multiple benefits of diffusing essential oils for overall wellbeing such as improving concentration, encouraging sleep, lifting mood, and also naturally detoxing the air from bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which then helps support the immune system.


About building materials


This product is made of recyclable ABS, PP and electric components. ABS is strong, resistant plastic known for its long life, and resistance to impact. On the other hand, PP is a thermoplastic polymer know for its resiliency and heat resistance. This makes up product's long life. Furthermore, both ABS and PP are recyclables and can be recovered. Recycled ABS can be blended with virgin material to produce products with lower cost while preserving the high quality.  Use of current technologies also makes it easier for manufacturers to melt PP and produce new products from it.



  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 13 cm | 5.1 in
    • Height: 7 cm | 2.8 in
  • Purifier is Plug and Play (no installation work needed). 
  • Timer Function: 2 - 8 hours.
  • Electrical: It has water-shortage power-off protection, 12W, 110V-220V
  • Water capacity: 100ml
  • Mist output: 17-30 ml/h
  • 7 LED Colors
  • ABS material
  • Good for areas from 10-20 Squared meters
  • Silent mechanism


Pack Includes

  • One humidifier
  • Instruction Booklet


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  • How does this work? Does it come with any essential oils? do you need them?

    Dear Nathan,

    This oil diffuser does not come with the essential oils. You put a few drops of essential oils inside with water and diffuse them onto the air to soothe, relax and clean your indoor air at any room of your preference. It works best in smaller areas as it has a smooth effect.

    Have a look at this video to see how it works:

    Let me know, if you have more questions, I'm here to help,




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