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Golden Handmade Bamboo Placemats

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Natural bamboo placemats for table decor and/or serving meals 

Easy to fold and store natural placemats that let you place your meals or beverages over the table without damaging your beautiful furniture. They make great accents of bamboo on nature inspired home decor, allowing you not only to see and touch natural elements in your everyday but to stay healthier by choosing natural components to surround your meals.

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How you connect with this item

Natural looks - Textured touches - Non-toxic, healthier tastings

Golden Bamboo placemats have an unique, natural, down-to-earth aesthetics that really fills the eyes and constructs a natural looking room. Further, the bamboo in them possesses among plants an unique's structure resembling of unidirectional, fibre-reinforced composite with many nodes along its length. When bamboo fibres are lined up next to each in other like in these coasters, it allows enhancing the touching experience when in contact with them. These placemats are also free of plastic fibres, and hence free from bromine, flame retardants, and lead concentrations commonly found in plastic decor.


About building materials

Bamboo - Wood

These placemats are made of wood and bamboo- making the later the most of the composition. In relation to bamboo's production and supply chain, it is largely more sustainable than most of the widely used materials for home decor (i.e. plastic, plastic fibres and microfibres), which makes the Golden Bamboo Placemats a more natural and eco-friendlier choice for your home decor. As a more sustainable material, bamboo also has a long life and beautiful aesthetics but it's real attractive feature lies in its mechanical properties- all its different species posses some of the best strength characteristics, strength-to-weight ratios available on the planet- in other words so you could place some quite heavy stuff over these coasters and they will continue to look as good as new.



  • Materials: Natural Bamboo and Wood
  • Three models available:  
    • Small: 28 x 19 cm
    • Medium: 34 x 25 cm
    • Large: 39 x 30 cm


Pack Includes

One natural bamboo placemats


Colors and textures are unique and vary due to woods natural changing forms


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