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Liana Rope Hanging Light

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Hemp rope hanging lights lamps for a natural vintage style. Single and double head lamps.

Hand knitted rope lamps perfect to build stunning natural decor. Their natural properties allow numerous adaptations to create natural looking decor settings. Attach just about any bulb: including our great Save Energy Bulbs and Edison LED Bulbs available here. The Liana Rope Hanging Lights is available in multiple sizes. Their natural looks allows creativity to design unique lighting settings.


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Natural look - Textured touch

The Liana Rope Hanging Lights have an unique, natural, down-to-earth aesthetics that really fills the eyes and constructs a natural looking room. Being built out of hemp fibres, they enhance a natural touching experience. These lamps are also free of plastic fibres (except for the wiring), and hence free from bromine, flame retardants, and lead concentrations commonly found in common decor. 


About building materials


Hemp fabric is three times stronger than cotton and it is extremely durable. This is due to some of its properties as good abrasion resistance, antibacterial capabilities, its breathability and its ease to wash and clean. It is suitable to use either indoors or outdoors because its high resistance to UV radiation, mould, mildew or rot.  It softens with each washing without degrading the fibre.



  • Ceiling Hanging light.
  • Materials: Hemp.
  • Hand knitted rope hanging light.
  • Dimensions: Several lengths available. 
  • Forms: Single head or Double Head.
  • Includes black ceiling plate of the number of hooks of your preference.



- One natural hemp hanging light of one or two heads and ceiling plate of specified number of hooks.

It does not include light bulbs. You can find those here


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Questions & Answers

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  • Where can I get the bamboo and rope you have the Liana Hanging Lights draped over. I love it and am designing a restaurant and would need 4. Thank you! Loren

    Dear Loren,

    Normally, at a gardening store you´ll be able to find bamboo poles that sell at your location.

    As for the linen rope, we have one of 20mm thickness (as featured), and 1m length for an extra of 16.99$. Depending on how much you need, we can add it to a custom order at checkout. 

    Let me know if you have more questions, I'm happy to help,


  • How are they powered?

    Hello!  Thanks for your question, Val. These are ceiling lights :) They are really beautiful and unique.  Where were you thinking of using these lights? Cheers! 

  • I saw that someone else asked how are they powered? They didn't really get an answer. How are they installed? It looks like just loose wires. Do you need a certified electrician to install them then? They just hang from the wire in the ceiling? If you can include directions for install that would be very helpful on deciding whether to purchase or not.

    Dear Mish, Thanks for visiting us at Forest Homes and for this great question :) We've added the pictures for the ceiling plates that come with these hanging lamps. Depending on the arrangement of lights you'd like to achieve, we can offer you ceiling plates from 1 to 8 hooks. Our customers install these lamps themselves, without need for a certified elecrician.  Thanks for your recommendations, Mish! We will take it into consideration an add recommendations for its installation to this page. Have a wonderful day!

  • what is the thickness of the rope?

    Dear Barry,

    Thanks for visiting us at Forest Homes.

    Depending on the lenght of the lamp, the minumum diameter starts at 3 cm.

    Which lamp were you interested in?

    Have a great day,

  • Hai, Last week I phoned you, about the sizes of the rope and some advise. I would like to buy this lamp however I don’t have a clou with size I have to order. The idea is to make it exactly as on the picture with bamboe. My kitchen table is 160cm long. The bamboestick is approximately 110cm. Which lamp (single or double head) and size of the rope do I have to fill in? thank you for you’re advise Kind regards Miriam The Netherlands

    Dear Miriam,

    Thanks again for your message.

    This is our reply to your email on May,20.   Thanks for your call earlier today.   I made the research regarding the Liana Rope Hanging lights setting you're interested in. The length of the double head lights (there are 3 double heads in total) are 70 cm each. We don't carry exactly the 70 cm size but very close (75 cm).    I also found the lamp can be purchased entirely, as it shows in the picture on our website. This setting is sold to our customers either how it is shown in our website or with a difference of the hanging mount, which looks as the image attached. The price of these lamps is €224.99 plus shipping to the Netherlands €49,75. If you're interested in the full system, please let me know so we can send you the link to purchase this hanging light set.   Thanks for visiting us, and I hope this answers your questions!   Warm regards from sunny Lisbon



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