Mini Bottle String Lights
Mini Bottle String Lights-Lighting-GARLAND LIGHTS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Mini Bottle String Lights-Lighting-GARLAND LIGHTS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Mini Bottle String Lights-Lighting-GARLAND LIGHTS-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor

Mini Bottle String Lights

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Mini bottle bulb string lights, unique garland led lights for decor accessories (3.3m).  

Modern bottle-like string lights that smooth the ambiance of any space. Their lighting style provide beautiful decorating effects that can be used in a multitude of ways to fit various needs. The Mini bottle Bulb String Lights have a very different style, helping you to build memorable looks. Use them to compliment a tapestry look, wall art decor, photography, events, floral displays, or any other home decor project. Create strikingly beautiful decor sets, and polish any room look with these gorgeous string lights. 




  • Smooth lighting effect.
  • Mini botttle bulb socket, clear glass bulbs.
  • Emitting colours: White, Warm White, Yellow.
  • Total length: 3.3 m (10.8 ft)  1.8 m (5.9 ft)
  • LED Lights encased in clear bottles.
  • Silver cord
  • Bulb: 20 pieces / 10 pieces
  • Bulbs included
  • Battery operated (AA)
  • Warranty: 1 year.

Pack includes

One (1) set of mini bottle bulb string lights of chosen emitting colour (white, yellow or warm white) 20 or 10 bulbs and 3.3 or 1.8 m length. 


Connection to Nature


How you connect with this item

Nature inspired look - Textured touches

The way your home looks has a direct effect on your emotions and perceptions. These lights are inspired in a contemporary style, with lights being enclosed in a transparent bottle-like bulb.


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Why you should choose the Mini Bottle String Lights

Improved wellbeing with biophilic design

With the use of this item, you can increase your direct and indirect contact with nature indoors. This is shown to bring a significantly positive impact to your wellbeing.

Conscious lifestyle with sustainable production

This product has been created in ethical and environmentally friendly standards. Also, because of its great quality and materials, it's a long lasting article that you could keep for a lifetime.

Innovation & design distinction

This object is a result of innovating with materials, manufacturing, function, or product design. This allows to truly differentiate the overall design outcome of your spaces.

How to benefit from
using natural materials
in your interiors?

There’s something about the aesthetic and physical experience of natural materials that taps into a deeper part of ourselves.

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