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Omvendt Plant Hanger

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Upside down plant hanger for home plants or diverse.  

The Omvendt is perfect for adding a touch of eye-catching style to your potted plants while they hang from the ceiling. The Omvendt is designed so that plants can be inversely planted and thus create an eye-catching, nature inspired look to your spaces. Looks it best when in groups of plant hangers and vases, and mixing them up with hanging lights. Plants that could grow perfectly in this vase are the perennial type and all other plants with easy maintenance.

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Visually stimulating 

This plant vase helps fulfil our special desire to interact with, manage, and tend nature; all while providing the refreshing and restoring benefits of being surrounded by nature. This modern hanging plant vase helps you create micro landscapes in your beautiful nature inspired home! Several of them together hanging from your ceiling provide a visually soothing effect, just as seeing tree branches hanging down from the forests' trees.  Being able to look at plants' growth from an inverted perspective gives a whole new perspective of the development of plant life.


About product materials


This product is made of recyclable ABS, PP and electric components. ABS is strong, resistant plastic known for its long life, and resistance to impact. On the other hand, PP is a thermoplastic polymer know for its resiliency and heat resistance. This makes up product's long life. Furthermore, both ABS and PP are recyclables and can be recovered. Recycled ABS can be blended with virgin material to produce products with lower cost while preserving the high quality.  Use of current technologies also makes it easier for manufacturers to melt PP and produce new products from it.



  • Easy access for placing plants inside
  • Height: 13 cm , Diameter: 9.5 cm

    Pack Includes

    • One inverted plant vase terrarium with hook, lid cover and cord. 

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