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String of Pearls Canvas Print

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Canvas prints for wall decor, wall designs, wall art and gallery wall layout (One canvas or set of six canvas). 

String of Pearls from the Olive Bloom Collection Canvas Prints

  • Fine watercolour style canvas prints inspired in nature.
  • Perfect accents to build single wall art statements or well-rounded gallery wall layouts.
  • Gives a new life to your home, work or business, not only embellishing your spaces but also providing you the benefits of being connected to nature by imagery.
  • Illustrate leaf patterns found in nature. Patterns are found everywhere in natural environments, both in living and nonliving things.
  • Fascinating to the eye due to their apparent perfection, and interesting to the mind as they trigger thought on the physical processes behind the evolution of these patterns. 
  • Transform your urban-looking spaces (i.e. lounge, bedroom, bathroom, or other) into more naturally beautiful places.

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  • Canvas print.
  • Material: High quality cotton canvas.
  • Unframed.
  • High definition print.
  • Can be wiped for maintenance.
  • Image does not fade over time.
  • Matte finish.
  • Watercolour style.
  • Form: Rectangular
  • Various sizes available.
  • Waterproof ink.
  • UV glazing technology and ultra-thin waterborne UV protection.


About product materials

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is a medium-strength fabric that is between 10 and 20 times stronger when wet opposed to dry. This canvas material is extremely durable and it is widely used in items where sturdiness is required.  


Pack Includes

One(1) or set of six (6) nature canvas prints. 



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  • What is suggested for how to frame or point this?

    Dear Erin,  You could frame it in different ways, according to your style and preference.  We have these frames available: How is your decor style? We can help you decide which one will best suit you :) Have a wonderful day!

  • Is the background of the string of Pearl's crisp white or is it yellowed?

    Dear Erin,  This canvas has a white background.  Were you looking for a canvas this style, or perhaps something more vintage?  I can recommend other canvas for you!  Talk to you soon, Celine

  • What currency are listed prices?

    Dear Erin, The currency will automatically set to your location. Where are you writing us from? Look forward to hearing from you! Paul

  • Hi, I love the string of pearls print and would like it to look as it does in the framed options you show. Do you have any recommendations for which of your frames would be suitable for a canvas such as this?

    Dear Louise, Thanks for visiting us. It depends on your decor style. We particularly like poster frames because they are less common, and also the passe-partout (mat) frames. We can offer you mats of 6x4in, 7x5in or 8x6in for free with your purchase.  Have a lovely day!  

  • Hi just wondering where you are located?

    Hi Gayle! 

    Thank you for visiting us.

    We are located in Lisbon, Portugal.

    Pleade let us know if you need any additional support. We’re happy to help you.

    Have a wonderful day!



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