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Wind Chimes for home decoration and relaxation

These chimes can greatly help to create a positive energy, calm our energy our minds, sooth our nerves and improve our overall wellbeing. They can also correct negative, harsh or dulling sounds in the environment, such as the sound of traffic. Wind chimes can bring balance to your home and life. Wind chimes could be hanged to accentuate the length of a window, to deliver elegance to a kitchen space or your outdoor spaces. They can also serve as musical tools or weather advisors. Wind chimes have been used for many years not just for decor but also for treatments to heal and restore the spirit

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How you connect with this item

Natural listening  

Sound connects us with our environment, nature is never silent and sound links us to other life. Sound stimulation can nurture behavioural changes and emotions. Positive sounds like those emitted by this wind chimes can stimulate or enhance relaxation, reverse sadness, clam nervousness, tension and anger; and more over they can ease feelings of loneliness or isolation. The soothing sounds of wind chimes tinkling in the wind may make it easier to connect with our inner energies while healing and restoring the soul. Tones and vibrations of wind chimes can help calm your mind, soothe your nerves as well as discharge your built up stress.


About product materials

Copper alloy tube and wood

Read our Guide in the sounds of wind chimes



  • Dimensions: 56x16cm
  • Material: Copper alloy tube and wood


Pack Includes

One wind chime


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