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Discover 7 beautiful ways of framing your tapestries

beautiful setting with tapestry at Forest Homes

Are you aware of how tapestries, or wall hangings embellish and warm up spaces almost instantly? These highly versatile and unique fabrics have excellent results in use both indoor and outdoor. You will be better knowing how to use them.

Indoors, these gorgeous decorative prints can make your wall decor come to life or they can spark your sofa or bed with style. Outdoors, these tapestries make highly original picnic mats or rugs, or even yoga blankets for both the indoors and outdoors.

If you're looking to incorporate these beautiful nature tapestries in your decor, and create rooms people won't want to leave from, you have come to the right place. We will show you how to make tapestries come together in different and strikingly beautiful styles

1. Romantic spark with tapestry and garland lights  

Romantic Spark with Garland Lights bordering a tapestry on a bedroom - Beautiful decorRomantic Spark with Garland Lights across a tapestry on a bedroom - Beautiful decor


We love the stunning lighting effect created by this string of lights. The smooth light of these garlands set the mood for romantic, comfortable spaces to easily relax in. 

2. Beautifully sleek tapestry look in wooden slats

Beautifully Sleek Wooden Slats in both sides (bottom and top) of a tapestry Forest HomesBeautifully Sleek Wooden Slats in one side of a tapestry Forest Homes


Your tapestry will have a sleek touch when using a wooden slats as frames either in one side, both sides (top or bottom, left or right) or all sides of your wall hanging.  

3. Classic elegance in tapestry canvas frame

Classic elegance in tapestry canvas frame


A canvas frame is always a beautiful, elegant way to go with your canvas. Make it gold, silver or natural wood, it will always highlight your tapestry as a piece of art. 

4. Design gallery walls with your tapestry

beautiful gallery wall with tapestry


Use mirrors, macrame, smaller hangings objects or other different frames. Set your tapestry to be the main character of a beautiful gallery wall in your preferred rooms. 

5. Boho and eclectic with macramé and tapestries

A Boho and eclectic look with macrame and tapestries setting


Macrame and tapestries blend beautifully together, specially to create boho, eclectic spaces. The right combo of tapestry and macrame is guaranteed to create an unforgettably comfy yet stylish room.  

6. Natural plant tapestry frames

natural plants framing tapestriesnatural plants framing tapestries


Because we can't get passed the benefits and beauty of plants at home, placing plants next to your tapestries makes a beautiful framing effect for them. 

7. Align your tapestry with hanging lights

aligning tapestries with hanging lights


The hanging flow goes just beautifully with these gorgeous pieces. To absolutely win with this choice, make sure to choose a beautiful hanging light that correlates to the style of your tapestry.


 As a single statement we can accomplish beautiful things with decorating with our tapestries. In blending tapestries together with the right elements we can accomplish naturally great things in our spaces. Start trying your way today.  

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