This naturally coloured metal is present everywhere in decoration, and finds its way into our interiors, for both aesthetic and ecological reasons.

One of the most reusable and sustainable materials is this popular naturally colored metal. Copper is infinitely recyclable and does not degrade with age! It stays completely same each time without losing any of its assets. We remove less and less of this metal as it is increasingly recycled, and the world benefits. You can even hope that the copper in your computer will become a lamp in your living room one day!

Copper collection

Shop products made of copper and create the most inspiring environments that fit your style. Find Lights that include copper, Designer Items, Decorative Accessories, and much more.

Korob Kast Birch Bark Basket
Your environment shapes you.
Our customers loved this item to design environments that support the best version of themselves.
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Designer's choice
Copper Excursion Bird Wall Hanger
To focus only on rooms' aesthetics and functionality is not enough. Designers choose these stunning products that also care about their environmental impact.
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