What materials
can improve your
indoor wellbeing?

Biophilic interior materials can help you feel better indoors.


We respond in a different way to materials that are close to their natural state than materials that are highly artificial.

Living spaces that incorporate a lot of natural materials - preferably as minimally processed as possible - provide us with a direct connection to the outside - whether it's the the touchable texture of solid oak frame, or the luxurious feel of a wool rug or blanket.

Plants & Flowers

Spaces that incorporate plants and flowers see a boost in wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

There are dozens of ways you can decorate a space with plants and flowers, and with our beautiful preserved plant life options, there's no excuse not to enjoy of indoor plants.


Forgiving to work with, and pleasurable at touch, wood has shown to have a stress-reducing effect.

Being close to wood provides us with the reassuring feeling of being close to nature. Furthermore, wood adds texture and visual interest to a space.


Stones come in a variety of textures and colors, and their use adds character to the interiors.

The adaptability of stone makes them suitable for all kinds of interiors, no matter what your style is.

Nature textures

The use of nature-inspired textures in the interiors can influence the perception of spaciousness.

Natural materials may make us feel more at ease than man-made materials because we can intuitively 'read' them better.

Natural Fabrics

Fabrics that elegantly celebrate natural forms, creating a direct link between nature and people.

Cotton grown in a field, wool sheared from a sheep, linen, and other natural fibers could be used to make natural fibers - and they're ideal for use as design elements in almost any room.

Tree Barks

With their natural cracks, these sustainably sourced materials contribute to improve our wellbeing. 

From the lovely Siberian birch to the ever-versatile Portuguese cork - each tree has a unique texture, color, and shape that will complement your decor.

Be an expert at feeling good indoors.

Learn about the benefits of nature-inspired design for better health. Improve your ability to create healthier, yet stylish, living environments.