Your health, and our planet’s is the sole reason behind all that we do.

A commitment to both human and planet wellbeing.

Our environmental commitment.

We live to see you experience spaces that support the best version of yourself and the Earth. This is why, we are committed to always improve the environmental impact of the lifecycle of our products and activities.

Our planet

For a better life on Earth,
we all need to be conscious
about the impact of our actions.

We are carbon neutral

Every year, a website releases several kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When a website is used, data is transferred to and processed in remote servers. Globally, the electricity consumed by these servers and by computers accounts for 2% of the world’s air pollution, as much as the airline industry!

For this reason, we've partenered with Tree-Nation, to make our website CO2 neutral, owning a “Net Zero label”.

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We care for our planet's resources

We prefer sustainable materials for home spaces and everyday tools. We offer the least possible plastic or short-life materials. Most of our products are built with certified sustainable labels such as FSC, OEKO-TEX, ECOLOGO, GreenGuard and many more.

The use of more sustainable materials not only shows love and respect for our planet's resources, it also contributes to a climate-positive lifecycle of a product, and reduces pollution.

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We support our planet's reforestation

For every product you purchase at Forest Homes, we plant a tree on your behalf.

In average, every tree planted captures 20kg of CO2 per day. This means, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping to fight climate change, without any additional cost for you.

We help you give back to the earth for all that it gives us.

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For people

When you feel good,
you lead a happier life
not just for you,
but for everyone around you.

What we feel in nature is powerful and has a positive impact in our behaviour and wellbeing.

Even when for some it is not possible to visit natural spaces due to location or time constraints, there are many ways to incorporate nature inspired designs throughout the urban built fabric, including our most beloved indoor spaces, whether at home, work or recreational spaces.

We strive to provide you with these benefits

Better mental & physical wellbeing

The physical and mental wellbeing of people who spend substantial time within a buillt environment is positively affected by sensory contact with natural features, through reduced stress and increased productivity.

The biophilic design features we offer at Forest Homes play a therapeutic role – they can be calming, uplifting and stress/anxiety-reducing.

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Encourage nature protection

When we spend more time close to nature, we become more knowleadgeable about its dynamics and learn to appreciate more aspects about it.

Studies show that familiarity with nature and natural design cues can reinforce not just environmental education, but also its protection and defense.

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Use of healthier materials

Due to chemicals used to manufacture and maintain building materials, interior furnishings, cleaning & personal care products, we're exposed to toxic compounds through the air we breathe in our interiors (ex. homes, offices, schools...)

To protect your air quality and prevent further environment pollution, we promote the use of safer materials for you, and the planet.

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Every step matters

Understanding our products' supply chain

We only support sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing in our catalog.

When curating our products, we carefully study their composition, manufacturing and handling, and also the possibilities for their second-life / up or recycling.

You can make better shopping decisions at Forest Homes.

If you count on the information about materials, distribution, storage and energy used in the objects in your interiors, you can make better choices for the protection of our planet's resources as well as the human and economic resources involved in the entire product lifecycle.

The key elements in our products

Sustainable materials

For choosing our products, not only we consider aesthetic appeal, we also balance the items' lifecycles - for example its building material performance, availability and impact on the environment.

We offer materials - in its most cases certified sustainable - such as natural plants and flowers, woods and tree barks, recycled glass, paper and carton, organic fabrics, stone and more.

We select materials from renewable or replaceable sources, recycled materials, materials that are in plentiful supply, or materials with a lower environmental impact across their whole lifecycle.

Ethical human resource

We offer only ethically made products at Forest Homes. This means we only work with suppliers that pay fair wages, guarantee that no child labor is allowed within their factories, and who maintain a safe working environment.

For example, we have many products with the FAIRTRADE Mark that helps address the injustice of low prices by guaranteeing that producers receive fair terms of trade and fair prices.

Our products often have variety of labels that certify appropriate social, ethical standards.

Environment-friendly distribution & storage

As we print our wallpaper to order, and many more products are made to order, we don’t need big warehouses to store stock. This means we create very little waste and don’t use excess energy.

For our deliveries, we use the DHL Go Green offset programme, where we offset our largest carbon contributor (the emissions from distributing our products) and are investing in lowering the emissions from our transport with personalised delivery options.

Reduced use of energy & waste

Our offices use a 100% renewable, including to power our website servers.

We recycle, reuse or upcycle all of our side-products, such as plants, cardboards, ink cartridges to stop them ending up in landfill.

We’re constantly reviewing our use of plastics to reduce and remove them completely where possible.

Our mission

As hundreds of millions of people now live in cities or large towns, the design offered here not only helps improve the physical and mental wellbeing of a large proportion of the population – whether workers, shoppers, residents or visitors, but it also helps this population enact more in the environmental issues we face today.