We design for human
and planet wellbeing.

Connecting to nature indoors, not only helps us feel and live better, it also restores our interest for nature.

We don't just decor.

We provide you with designs that have your health and that of our planet, at heart.

With more natural experiences in your interiors, you can improve your everyday life, and also, encourage care about the state of the earth.

Find all the details about our mission to improve both wellbeing through nature connection; and our planet through sustainable interiors.

Connection to nature

How did modern life become so disconnected from nature?

Since the 1950s, research suggests, we have become more distanced from nature and its life-giving benefits.

Our connection to nature appears weaker than ever today, at a time when people can name more Instagram influencers than wildlife species.

It is widely acknowledged that we are more disconnected from nature today than we were a century ago, which may be bad news not only for our well-being but also for the environment.

How do urban indoor spaces impact us?

We spend 90% of our time indoors.

Between our homes, cars, work, commercial spaces, and more... we spend in average 90% of our time indoors. Given the proven benefits of contact with nature, this percentage highlights the need for more nature inspired environments.

Up to 2X higher risks of mental issues.

Urban population has two times higher risk of schizophrenia, 21% more anxiety, 40% more mood disorders, than people having contact with nature. Today, mental disorders affect 1 in every 4 adults.

Indoor air is 10X more polluted than the outdoor.

Air pollutants are up to ten times higher in indoor spaces. The choice of products that build our surroundings can seriously impact the air we breathe.

Benefits of nature design

Why does our connection with nature matter?

It's difficult to overstate how beneficial nature is to our well-being: Connecting with nature has been shown in study after study to have psychological and physical benefits. People who have a stronger connection to nature are happier, feel more vital, and have a greater sense of purpose in their lives.

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Benefits of nature inspired design.

Higher wellbeing and creativity

Biophilic design features play a therapeutic role. It's been shown that these designs can be calming, uplifting and stress/anxiety-reducing. In fact, this design shows the potential to increase 15% the perception of wellbeing and creativity.

Increased focus and productivity

With biophilic design, schools can increase focus and concentration in students and staff ( ex. increased rates of learning 20-25%) whilst reducing the impacts of cognitive fatigue, stress and ADHD. This can improve the schools performance, and staff and student retention.

Faster and better healing

We recover significantly faster when exposed to a natural environment, in comparison to an urban setting. In nature inspired design interventions, patients have shown 22% reduction in pain medication, and an average of 10% faster post-operatory recovery time.

At Forest Homes, we provide you with designs with the qualities and features of nature in mind to help you create both more naturally evocative and sustainable spaces. These spaces enable you numerous benefits for your own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our planet.

Sustainable interiors

The emissions of an interior with sustainable principles can be reduced by up to 100%.

This is essential considering that the carbon emissions of interior spaces, over the years, equal to that of the construction.
Sustainable interiors

If only 9.7% of buildings have zero net energy for 2050, it would be equivalent to eliminating the annual emissions of all cattle in the whole world.

Global greenhouse gas emissions would be 7.1 gigatons lower.

More nature connection for more care for the environment.

In addition to improving our well-being, a strong connection to nature encourages pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors.

So at a time when nature seems to need our attention and care more than ever, designs that bind us with nature are essential.

Our principles

1. Nature appreciation

Closeness to nature in our everyday lives is shown to promote more proactivity to enact on environmental issues that help in sustaining the thrive of our planet. We work with nature inspired design to seamlessly encourage more care for the environment. 

2. Resource consciousness

Building materials matter. This is why, we prefer sustainable materials for all kinds of indoor spaces and everyday tools. We offer the least possible plastic or short-life materials. In this way, we care and respect our planet's resources.

3. Positive environments

Your surroundings have a strong impact in how you feel. We provide a careful selection of items that can light up sensorial experiences, boost productivity and wellbeing. Overall, we help you create spaces that make you feel alive, inspired, and in peace. 

4. Excellence and functionality

We offer you a wide range of award-winning designs, that not only look incredible, but often have have a multi-faceted role in your everyday life by also engaging your different senses. We help you design for how it looks and feels, and also for how it works. 

5. Innovative nature inspired design

Having real nature indoors often has limitations. We partner with many innovative brands and artists, to bring the best quality of nature inspired design. We offer state of the art solutions to link the modern, urban space to nature design elements.

6. Sustainable living

Everyday purchase decisions matter if we want to make a shift in our current environment issues. We make a great effort to assess our products in their environmental practices in order to help you make more informed and conscious shopping decisions.

Founder & CEO
Daniela Rodriguez-Coelho

A scientist and entrepreneur, she has created this beautiful project, which has by now enhanced millions of people's indoor lives through sustainable, nature-inspired design.

Named Top Female Entrepreneur by European organizations, she is a spokesperson for many international agencies, and her work has been featured in various workplace and interior magazines as ECO, People and House Beautiful. Through all these channels, she shares her passion to help people and organizations thrive by being be more aware of their surroundings.

Her mission with Forest Homes is to widely develop environments that bring out the best in each individual, foster the most fruitful collaborations, and protect our planet's resources.

From ideation in 2016, to changing the way you think about interiors. This is my story.

I've always been passionate about making the world a better place every day. Starting from making myself a better human.

During my mid-twenties as a chemical engineer and business professional, I struggled to identify with my job’s mission. So, at that time, I decided to take some time off work and go on a nature trip to get ideas for a more fulfilling career move.

This ended up being a year-long immersion in nature. In this year, I felt more present, alive, and satisfied with life than ever before. Being surrounded by nature and all of its processes reminded me I was a part of it, and it changed the way I saw the world.

When I returned from this wonderful journey, I realized that, while we can all go outside and enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by nature, we still need to spend a significant portion of our time indoors. So, I realized that in order for us to live a better life, we need these indoor spaces to feel more natural.

Also, this is when I began to connect the concepts of biophilic design (nature inspired design for human wellbeing) and sustainability. In fact, in my postgraduate thesis, I investigated the adoption of sustainable behaviors. During these studies, we discovered that people who had more contact with nature felt more environmentally responsible and performed more sustainable actions.

And that's when everything came together to bring light into my life’s purpose.

I'm passionate about assisting people in feeling their best, and I'm also an advocate for protecting our planet's life and resources.

So I realised, nothing would make me happier than making people feel better while also encouraging more environmentally conscious behaviour by increasing their connection to nature.

Maybe at some point in our life we’ve all felt like we’ve lacked inspiration, or vision of what we wanted to do.

And there’s a saying that our environment shapes us. And I believe it couldn’t be more true.

If we all become more conscious of our environment and how to make it best for us to be the best version of ourselves and achieve the most fruitful collaborations, imagine all the advancement we could build in our species and for our planet.

We can’t always control the circumstances or outcomes of our lives, but we can shape our environment. And when we shape our environment, we access the power to shape our lives.

With passion and care,


For a more sustainable and happier life

Build an invisible bridge between the indoor and outdoor.

Nature is usually not evenly distributed in urban areas. Lots of people are lucky enough to live near parks, have big trees lining their streets, or have beautiful landscaping in their surroundings.

However, even if you can't visit nature because you live far away or are too busy, there are lots of ways to incorporate nature-inspired designs into your urban spaces with Forest Homes.