It's about design
for wellbeing

Connect to nature indoors

We don't just decor, we design for wellbeing.

We bring natural experiences to the indoor space with decor and objects that help improve your everyday wellbeing. 

Maintenance free plant and moss walls at Forest Homes

Connection to Nature

Sensations experienced in natural environments such as forests, are powerful and can positively impact our behaviours and wellbeing. When we are far from nature, our minds and bodies call for this natural boost, however this is often hard to find or access in our urban created surroundings.

Nature Inspired Design

In urban environments, nature is generally not equitably distributed. Many are lucky enough to live near parks, have large street trees and rich landscaping around their homes or work. But even when for some it's not possible to visit natural spaces, due to location or time constraints, there are many ways to incorporate nature inspired designs throughout the urban built fabric, including our most beloved spaces at home.

Our Guiding Principles

While living nature is always highly desirable, Forest Homes takes the chance to offer design with the qualities and features of nature in mind, thereby helping create more naturally evocative spaces, that enable the numerous benefits of being surrounded by nature.

1. Encourage Nature Appreciation

Nature's power is very underestimated. But there's nothing we can do without it. We promote natural decor to increase the appreciation for nature's unique features.

We spread awareness of the importance of nature connection in our daily lives.

2. Promote Resource Consciousness

Building materials matter. This is why, we prefer sustainable materials for home spaces and everyday tools. We offer the least possible plastic or short-life materials. 

We choose sustainable materials to show love and respect for resources.

3. Create Positive Environments

Our surroundings have a strong impact in how we feel. We provide a careful selection of nature inspired items that can light up sensorial experiences, boost productivity and wellbeing. 

We build spaces that make people feel alive, inspired, restored, and in peace.

4. Provide Beautiful and Functional Design

Good design, is not just beautiful but functional. We offer products that not only look good, but have specific functions in your everyday life for better breathing, seeing, hearing, and touching. 

We help design for how it looks and feels, and also for how it works. 

5. Boost Innovative Natural Design

Having real nature indoors often has limitations. We partner with many innovative brands and artists, to bring the best quality of nature inspired design.

We offer solutions to link the modern, urban space to nature design elements

6. Support Sustainable Living

Closeness to nature in our everyday lives is shown to promote more proactivity to enact on environmental issues that help in sustaining the thrive of our planet.

We work with nature inspired design to seamlessly encourage more care for the environment.

Build an invisible bridge
between the indoor and outdoor.

Design your own forest home for a more sustainable, healthier and happier life.

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