These products promote and support the planting of trees and new forests worldwide.

Our woodlands produce new oxygen while also regulating temperature and precipitation. Forests currently cover 30% of the land area, but they are being lost on a regular basis as people seek homes, food, and materials. Deforestation is a major issue that is only going to get worse. These products promote and support the planting of trees, sustainable foresting, and new forests worldwide.


Reforestation collection

Shop products that support reforestation and create the most inspiring environments that fit your style. Find Sustainable forestry, New forests, Planting trees, and much more.

Wilderness Mural Wallpaper
Your environment shapes you.
Our customers loved this item to design environments that support the best version of themselves.
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Designer's choice
Augalas Oak Plant Stand
To focus only on rooms' aesthetics and functionality is not enough. Designers choose these stunning products that also care about their environmental impact.
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