Plant Walls

22 products

22 products

Plant Wall Art: Innovative greening solutions
Nature meets design

Our plant and moss creations bring pure nature into the space and modern design to the walls. Trendy decor with mosses, ferns and other real plants, attracts everyone's attention in an exceptional way.
These high quality pieces are not only visual assets, but they create a pleasant atmosphere, radiate calmness and absorb sound or humidity.
A natural preservation process provides the plants long-lasting durability. This way, these green works of art remain beautiful for years with their natural look and feel.
And the best part: our plants don't need water or light to stay fresh all year round. A highly experienced production team in Germany and Portugal, produces our plant and moss assemblies.

Each piece is manufactured by hand from natural plants, making each of them unique and completely customisable to customer's requirements.

 Original works of art made with nature.