Ethical production

Our craftsman and
workers are healthy,
happy humans.

Support products that care about the well-being of all the involved in their creation.

Ethical production

 Ethical manufacturing is a holistic approach to production that prioritizes the wellbeing of all parties involved. This means that the design, manufacture, and use of a product adhere to sustainable standards, and that the item and the manufacturing process have a good impact on communities.

Ethical production
Positive communities

These businesses have a significant impact on their community, whether it is through environmental stewardship or contributions to the lives of their employees.

Their presence is critical in assisting communities and providing necessary products to consumers and other businesses.

Ethical production
Fair & safe work

Employee health and happiness are prioritized above and beyond the standard legal requirements. This means that workers' safety is not jeopardized, and they are treated fairly.

These initiatives are designed to benefit workers.

Ethical production
Traceable manufacture

The alternatives in this collection include projects where we can trace every part and product throughout the manufacturing process - from the moment when raw materials enter the factory to the moment when final products are shipped.

Ethical production
Clean labels

Many commonly used home furnishings and decor contain toxins and health hazards.

You can help limit your exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals by incorporating more sustainable and nontoxic interior design options into your home.

Ethical production

These vegan products are made from materials and processes that do not contain, harm, torture, or exploit any conscious living being, human or non-human, nor do they harm our planet.

This means, for example, that hemp, cotton, bamboo, linen, cork, kapok, and buckwheat products will replace those made from animal-based materials such as leather, wool, silk, fur, and down. It also entails making less obvious choices, such as avoiding paints containing animal products, among others.

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