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What are the features of safe and sustainable wallpaper?

Hanging sustainable wallpaper has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and interior designers who want to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their spaces but also contribute to a greener planet. Sustainable wallpaper is designed with careful consideration for the environment, ensuring that the entire wallpapering process is as eco-friendly as possible. In this article, we will explore the concept of sustainable wallpaper and how it can make a positive impact on both your living space and the world around us. Discover how our collection of sustainable wallpapers are certified in both sustainable and safe paper and ink. 

You need wallpapers and murals that are as good for your home, as they are good for the environment. Sustainable wallpaper goes beyond just being a decorative element; it is a testament to responsible consumer choices. By choosing sustainable wallpaper, you are not only adorning your walls with stunning designs but also making a conscious effort to minimize the environmental footprint of your home improvement projects. Also, this safe and sustainable wallpaper goes the extra mile in ensuring that your home environment remains free from harmful chemicals and allergens, providing a safe and healthy living space for all.

Sustainable wallpaper materials

One of the key elements that define sustainable wallpaper is the materials used, particularly the paper and inks. Let's have a look in more detail at the materials that build our wallpaper at Forest Homes.


The paper used in sustainable wallpaper is carefully sourced to ensure it comes from responsibly managed forests. This commitment to sustainable forestry is further reinforced by certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), which guarantees that the paper used in the wallpaper is derived from forests that are managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 

This commitment to sustainable forestry ensures that the paper used in your wallpaper does not contribute to deforestation or harm delicate ecosystems. Moreover, it reduces the risk of harmful chemical residues in the paper, which can be a concern with non-sustainable options.

Wallpaper inks

In addition to eco-friendly paper sourcing, the inks used in sustainable wallpaper play a crucial role in reducing its environmental impact. Unlike traditional wallpaper inks, which can contain harmful chemicals and emit strong odors, our sustainable wallpaper inks are water-based latex inks. These inks are not only non-toxic but also completely odorless, ensuring that your indoor air quality remains pure and healthy.

The use of water-based latex inks aligns with best practices for the environment, and these inks have earned us the prestigious Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification®. This certification confirms that the inks used in sustainable wallpaper meet stringent standards for low chemical emissions, making them a safe and eco-conscious choice for your home.

Therefore, the focus is not just on environmental responsibility but also on safeguarding indoor air quality. This means that your indoor air quality remains pure and free from harmful emissions. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues, allergies, or sensitivities, as it reduces the risk of exacerbating these conditions.

Sustainable wallpaper

Wallpaper certifications

Greenguard Gold:  Product Certified for Low Chemical Emissions

Our sustainable wallpaper collection proudly boasts the Gold-level Greenguard certification, known as "Product Certified for Low Chemical Emissions." This certification, with reference to and UL.2828, further underscores our commitment to providing wallpapers that have minimal environmental impact.

The Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification®, which our sustainable wallpaper proudly holds, further validates its commitment to health and safety. This certification ensures that the inks used in our wallpaper meet stringent standards for low chemical emissions, making them an excellent choice for homes where health and well-being are a top priority.


Moreover, our eco murals are also Certified Ecologo, signifying their contribution to reduced environmental impact. This certification, accessible at and UL.2801, showcases our dedication to producing eco-friendly wallpaper options that align with sustainable living practices.  This certification not only highlights their eco-friendliness but also signifies their safety for indoor use.

Confidence in Textiles:  Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Oeko-Tex Standard 1000

When it comes to textiles and paper, we haven't overlooked sustainability either. Our non-woven wallpapers have earned the "Confidence in Textiles" certificate, indicating that they have been rigorously tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Oeko-Tex Standard 1000. This certification guarantees that our textile wallpapers meet strict quality and safety standards, ensuring that your home environment remains healthy and sustainable.


The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification of our wallpaper is a cornerstone of sustainable wallpaper, underlining a commitment to responsible forestry practices that have far-reaching environmental and ethical implications. When you choose wallpaper adorned with the FSC logo, you're not just selecting a design for your walls; you're making a conscious choice to support the preservation of our planet's forests and the well-being of local communities.

FSC certification is a rigorous process that evaluates and verifies that the paper used in the wallpaper comes from sustainably managed forests. These forests are managed in a way that respects biodiversity, maintains the health of ecosystems, and ensures that the rights of local communities and forest workers are upheld.

Here's why the FSC certification is so crucial in the realm of sustainable wallpaper:

  1. Responsible Forestry: Wallpaper with FSC certification is sourced from forests that are managed with utmost care. This means that for every tree harvested, another is planted, ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of the forest.

  2. Protection of Biodiversity: FSC-certified forests are required to safeguard biodiversity by preserving critical habitats and protecting endangered species. This ensures that the wallpaper's raw materials are derived without causing harm to the ecosystems they originate from.

  3. Community Welfare: FSC certification promotes fair labor practices and the rights of indigenous and local communities. It ensures that the people living in or near these forests benefit from the resources while maintaining their cultural and economic well-being.

  4. Reduced Environmental Impact: The FSC certification process also takes into account the environmental impact of harvesting and processing the wood. This includes minimizing water use, reducing chemical use, and minimizing waste, further aligning with sustainability goals.

When you select FSC-certified wallpaper, you are not only adorning your walls with exquisite designs but also advocating for responsible forest management practices. This choice has a lasting positive impact on our planet, as it helps combat deforestation, mitigate climate change, and preserve the invaluable ecosystems that forests support.

Learn more about FSC certification and why it matters in your shopping decisions here

Final thoughts on sustainable wallpaper

Sustainable wallpaper is not just a choice that benefits the environment; it's a choice that promotes health and safety within your home. By prioritizing responsibly sourced materials, non-toxic inks, and rigorous certifications, sustainable wallpaper ensures that your living space remains a haven of well-being and also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

So, when you select sustainable wallpaper for your next interior design project, consider the lasting impact of choosing sustainable wallpaper – a choice that's as good for your home as it is for the environment. You're not only making an eco-conscious decision but also one that enhances the health and safety of your home.

sustainable wallpaper

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