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 Catalpa - Rosewood - Chinkapin - Pine: All unique in style


- Somewhat underrated considering its superb stability, resistance and low shrinkage. - Very resistant to decay, and more suited to outdoor carvings than other domestic species. 
- Strong and heavy.
- Presents hints of coast grains with shiny and silky texture, compared to the glossy finish of artificial polish.     
- Great strength and hardness.
- Fairly straight to interlocked grain, and a lustrous surface, which gives it a distinctive look.
- Soft, white or pale yellow wood that is light weight and straight grained.
- Suitable choice for dry areas, furniture, home decor, framing, walls, and basic tables. - Resists shrinking and swelling
- Very easy to shape and stain. 


From all these woods, we bring you the most skilfully created items into your spaces