Sense stimulation

How to engage
your senses to feel
more present?

Create engaging interiors that include all senses to feel more present and happier.

Sense stimulation

People perceive objects and spaces through sound, touch, and vision. People perceive sound by feeling vibrations, seeing movements, and hearing by ear.

The more senses we engage, the more strongly we are bound to a particular moment, object, or space. And the more present we feel, the happier we are.

This is the reason why we want to help you create engaging interiors that include sensory experiences in the places you live and work.

Sense stimulation
Sound & Acoustics

A well-balanced mix of natural sounds and improved acoustics appears to have a positive impact on the systems in our bodies that control the fight-or-flight response and the rest-and-digest autonomic nervous systems.

When we listen to natural sounds, we pay more attention to what is going on around us, and our nervous system becomes more relaxed.

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Sense stimulation
Light & Rhythm

Light impacts our mental, physical physiological functioning. Inside our brains, there's a clock driving our circadian rhythm - the cycle that controls sleep, hunger, alertness... and it is affected by environmental cues such as light.

Find tools to help you improve your relationship with natural and artificial lighting in this section.

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If you work in the heart of a busy city and need fresh air, which is better to breathe - indoors or outside? We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, and research has shown that indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality.

Find resources to help you improve your indoor air quality in this section.

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Have you ever walked into a space that was so inviting that you wanted to touch everything? Touch may not be the first sense you will use as soon as you enter an interior, but it is unquestionably the one that will determine whether or not you like something.

Create spaces with this collection that are rich in textures, fascinating and comfortable, and even absorptive.

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How do our bodies react when we look at images of nature? According to studies, providing people with a view of grass and trees helps them recover faster in hospitals, perform better in school or the workplace, and exhibit less aggressive behavior.

In this section, we help you create views - whether from nature images on the wall, or even through a window - to positively impact brain performance.

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