design that feels
good on you.

Create interiors that help you feel happier and healthier.

Enjoy the silence
with remarkable art.

Plants that are not only works of art but also acoustic solutions for your spaces.

Walls with nature
in all of its forms

No matter your style, there's nature inspiration for every season.
Natural Scents

Memorable moments
start with a scent.

Each plant and its aroma play a very significant aromatherapeutic role for your wellbeing.

Always feel
surrounded by nature.

Our nature inspired surroundings will help you improve both your wellbeing and the health of our planet.

We help you create spaces that have a positive impact.

A natural environment is shown to help you by reducing stress, which improves your ability to focus and, as a result, your overall productivity; increasing your energy levels, uplifting your spirit; helping you sleep better; boosting the immune system, improving recovery time after surgery or illness; lowering blood pressure...among other advantages.

How it works
Find something more than products. Allow yourself to feel better in your spaces.
Create your interiors differently. Think about your well-being first. We make it easy for you to create nature-inspired, sustainable places that are both good for you and the planet.
Why it matters
To protect the planet, you must start with your interiors.
The emissions of an interior with sustainable principles can lower the carbon footprint by as much as 100%. Research has revealed that the carbon footprint of interior spaces is equal to that of construction over time, demonstrating the necessity for all of us to reduce this impact.
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How to apply biophilic design to your space?

While the science behind biophilic design is complex, we can help you apply simple principles to create spaces that can benefit your well-being by reducing stress and improving restoration, which helps us stay healthier and achieve better results in our daily activities.

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Give design for wellbeing a try with these principles.

How do you want to feel?

These mood collections can help you promote feelings for every function and taste.

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What colors do you prefer?

Take a look at these intuitive collections based on various hues.

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What materials bring nature closer?

These materials provide you with a direct connection to the outside.

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Which nature patterns improve your indoor life?

Create healing built environments by incorporating patterns found in natural forms.

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How to engage more senses to feel happier?

We help you design engaging interiors that include sensory experiences.

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Which natural environment do you like?

Build spaces that mimic some of the elements in nature that make you feel good.

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Your environment impacts you in ways you might not realize.

What surrounds us influences how we feel, how we behave, and how we relate to others. When everyone is at their best, the world becomes a better place.

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Take more conscious shopping decisions for your interiors.

Not only do we provide you with detailed information about your products' creation process, but also we allow you to support the environmental initiatives behind these designs.

Use sustainable materials
Harvesting sustainable materials produces far less waste than other materials, such as plastics, resulting in less landfill waste, less energy consumption, and a lower overall impact on the environment.
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Help mitigate climate issues
Because of climate change, living beings face new survival challenges: more frequent droughts, storms, heat waves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, warming oceans... disrupt natural-beings livelihoods and habitats.
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Support better production practices
These actions seek to reduce the negative environmental impact of producers' activities and processes through changes and improvements in organization and strategy development.
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Buy ethically made
Ethical production is in constant pursuit of employees' best interests. It ensures that all aspects of the process are safe, efficient, and focused on worker wellness, often going above and beyond legal requirements.
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Together, we design better spaces.

Our goal at Forest Homes is to help you improve your daily connection with nature - from the specific decor to the entire interiors you interact with everyday, from buildings to streets, from neighborhoods to cities.

We apply biophilic design and sustainable interior principles to bring measurable benefits for the bottom line - this is people, the planet, and your growth.

Biophilia & Sustainability
Interiors that care for you and the planet.
Forest Homes is where two basic needs meet.
Nature proximity that benefits your well-being; and sustainability,
which supports life on the planet.
Learn all about applying these two principles to your interiors.
Biophilic design Sustainable Interiors

Success stories

From spas to restaurants, offices to home spaces, our customers enjoy of more than better feelings in their spaces.

We're proud to help thousands of individuals, companies and design agencies, not only to improve the wellbeing of different spaces - workplace, educational, hospitality, retail and domestic sectors - but also to create savings and improve their customer loyalty and profits. 

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Some of the brilliant companies that work with our products.

We are your best partners for professional projects.

We make it easier for you to specify and buy interior design products for sustainable and biophilic spaces. Find interior inspiration and take your designs to the next level with our fantastic range of award-winning design products delivered wherever you are in the world.

Learn about our story

A long immersion in nature made us realize how disconnected our urban lives are from the natural world where we came from. Then, thinking about the current environmental issues we face, we thought, how can we care about nature if we are so distant from it? And so, our journey began.