we design better spaces.

We help you improve your daily connection with nature. From cities to neighborhoods; streets to buildings; entire interiors to the furniture you interact with every day.

Use biophilic design to create spaces that promote wellbeing.

We apply biophilic design principles at every stage of your interior project, whether you're just starting, or are doing specific adjustments.

These principles can bring measurable benefits for the bottom line that is people, our planet, and your growth.

We use expertise in sustainable architecture and interior design to map solutions that will improve the current state of your indoor surroundings.

Biophilic design applications

Workspace and
productivity design

How can we create a workspace that encourages focused and productive collaboration?
Biophilic design applications

Retail and customer
experience design

How could we make the space inside a bank less scary for people who are opening their first account?
Biophilic design applications

Hospital and
health design

How could we design hospital waiting rooms so that airborne diseases don't spread as much?
Biophilic design applications

Housing and
community design

How could we change the common areas of a community housing building to make it easier for neighbours to get to know each other and work together?

How we work


During this phase, we learn about the interior's needs, goals, and outlook. We gain a better grasp of your requirements through many on-site or remote visits, thorough research, and surveys.


We craft the masterplan with the support of building certifications such as BREEAM, WELL and FITWEL, while also complementing the desired overall style. Sketches are created to assist the process, to ultimately help improve the space layout.


We monitor the implementation of your biophilic design and ensure its seamless integration into a larger project team, working alongside architects, engineers, lighting designers, acoustics experts, and client representatives.


As biophilic designers, our role extends from masterplanning to concept design, detailed design, and fit-out, with post-occupancy deliverables such as occupant satisfaction surveys.

Environments shape
how we act and feel.

By improving our indoor spaces, we can give people new things to do and ways to interact with each other.

It's time we create spaces for human and planet's wellbeing

We all benefit. Interactions with nature are essential for people's physical and mental health. Equally, a more conscious approach to resources and lifecycles benefits the environment.

To bring nature closer, these great industry professionals have trusted our designs:

...and many more.

Ready to design for wellbeing? Let's get started!

We apply Biophilic Design principles at every stage of your project, using expertise in sustainable architecture and interior design.

With this approach, you bring measurable and economic benefits for the people, planet, and performance of the spaces that you design.

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