Color tones

How do colors
impact your space?

Colors are powerful tools you can use to create your dream spaces.

Color tones

We react differently to different colours. They can make us feel happy, sad, excited, scared, hungry... 

Color has such a personal impact on each of us. They produce different reactions depending on how light or dark they are, or how saturated or washed out they are. 

While the impact of color on behavior is still being studied in many ways, take a look at these intuitive collections based on various hues.

Color tone
Warm & Bright

These colors energize and cheer us up by stimulating our emotions and behavior. They can increase our motor reactions, stimulate competitive behavior, and induce joyful moods.

Accents in warm colors can make wonders to create spaces that spark creativity and movement.

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Color tone
Cool colors

Cool color combinations, such as blues, greens, and purples, have a calming effect and are better suited to relaxing environments as well as tasks requiring concentration and precision.

These are frequently used to create a peaceful atmosphere and to bring tranquility to a space.

Cool colors collection

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Color tone
Earth & Neutral colors

Natural colour tones can achieve a relaxed, peaceful environment. 

Nature's rocks and pebbles are characterized by gentle browns, greys, stone shades, and sandy hues.

Different variations of earth colors recreate notions of rustic living, raw undyed materials, and natural pigments.

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Color tone
Grayscale colors - Black & White

Few other colors are as aesthetically calming as gray while still maintaining a very high level of sophistication.

Most people love this combination, because it's both welcoming and inviting but also classy and chic.

Grayscale collection

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Color tone
Light & Pastel

Light colors make spaces feel more alive, airy, and comfortable.

Regardless of the hue, washed out versions of a color are much more calming.

You can use this collection to create spaces that inspire expansion, freshness, and openness.

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