Spirals are visually appealing thanks to their similarity to the golden ratio.

Imagine a snail shell. It starts off in the centre with a very tight, tiny curl. Each successive ring gets wider, growing the shell exponentially. This pattern is present all over nature - from molluscs to rams' horns, spiders' webs to the nerves of the cornea. Spirals relate to the golden ratio, a form the human eye is capable of interpreting faster than any other.


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Allowed to Grow, Edition 5 Original Artist Poster
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Kenyan Pink Preserved Roses
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      Spirals collection | Because of their similarity to the golden ratio, spirals are visually appealing.

      Consider the shell of a snail. It begins in the center with a tiny, tight curl. The shell expands exponentially with each successive ring. This pattern can be found everywhere in nature, from mollusks to ram's horns, spider webs to corneal nerves. Spirals are related to the golden ratio, which the human eye can interpret faster than any other shape.
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