How can views
improve your mood
and performance?

Create spaces that reflect some of nature's elements that make us feel good.


Even short bursts - whether it's looking through a window or even just a picture of the natural world - seems to relax people, lower their heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels and sharpen their concentration.

If we take the natural world as our cue, we can create spaces that mimic some of the elements in nature that make us feel good.


Our sky encompasses a wide range of hues, values, and chroma — from the reddish pink glows of a sunset to the grey, almost translucent shades of an overcast day, from the glowing orange-blue of twilight to the washed out yellow-pinks of dawn.

Design with the skies' rich seam of color inspiration, from the pale white skies near the horizon to the vibrant mid-blues of a summer day - never just one color!

Open Landscapes

We all like to see what's coming - we prefer spaces with views, especially where we can see more than 30 meters into the distance.

Design spaces with unobstructed views that feel open and liberating while also imparting a sense of safety and control.


We respond positively to water's physical presence and sound. The sea, for example, can roll with thunderous grey waves or read as a calm, flat stretch of green-blue. Stretches of water can be pale off-whites or froth with white-blue foam on a cloudy day.

Blue's predominance in the natural world — both in the sky and in bodies of water — may explain why it remains the world's favorite color.


This landscape is filled with earthy tones: gentle browns, greys, stone shades, and sandy hues that characterize nature's rocks and pebbles.

From wood shades to soil, skin pigmentation to fur and human hair, designs based on mountain environments evoke notions of rustic living, raw undyed materials such as timber or wool, autumn colors, and natural pigments.

Lush Vegetation

This environment is filled with feelings of renewal, growth, and plant life, and it is obviously filled with green - a color we find comfortable to live with because our eyes process it faster than any other color and our brains and nervous systems feel calm when we look at it.

This collection of green foliage can help increase attention span and concentration levels, making it ideal for work-study environments, and many more.

Natural textures

How we utilize nature-inspired textures in the interiors might alter the feeling of space, calm, and our mental performance.

Get started using elements like wood, stone, clay, mud and other materials inspired in nature to liven up any room.

Be an expert at feeling good indoors.

Learn about the benefits of nature-inspired design for better health. Improve your ability to create healthier, yet stylish, living environments.