Design Your Indoor Moss & Plant Walls

A maintenance-free, real plant wall is no longer a dream. Design your natural, indoor plant wall and give your spaces a true nature inspired experience! 
Create your own indoor plant wall on the styles, shapes and dimensions as desired. Discover our different plant types, frames and add your logos and shapes as you go to get a fully personalised quote.
Plant & Moss Walls

Our team helps you build green walls, screens, furniture and various other designs and architectural products using a wide range of 100% natural preserved plants. Preserved plants don't require any maintenance, unlike living green walls. You can enjoy the flawless aesthetic of our natural plant creations, plus their acoustic qualities, in your interior space, for many years and without worrying for any maintenance. Have a look at our various plant types, example projects, and choose to custom build your very own wall below.


Plant Types & Example Projects

We offer a wide range of plant options to suit the most demanding plant wall projects. See below our plant types and green wall examples and get inspired.

Moss and Plant Walls

Pincushion or cushion moss

This kind of moss is characterised by its three dimensional, spherical shape, which provides a unique feeling to the spaces where it is displayed. 

Pincushion Moss Wall

Forest moss with cushion moss

Pincushion mosses in brighter green tones make three-dimensional highlights on a dark green forest moss background. 

Forest and cushion moss

Nordic moss

This moss does not only look great but it is also serves as a sound and humidity absorber. It also contributes to a positive indoor climate.

Alpine Moss

Plant Islands

This wall is built with cushion moss and exotic plants resting on a ground of forest moss. 

Plant Islands Wall

Jungle Wall

A plant wall very dense in vegetation, counting with many typical jungle plants.  

Jungle Plant Wall

Forest Plants

Custom compositions of plants using a sparse to dense filling of preserved foliage above a flat moss background.

Forest Plants Wall


Frame Types

Customise your plant wall with the edge or frame that most suits your needs. Whether its a green edge, an aluminium profile or a more architectural finish, we got you covered! Our green walls are usually manufactured on 12 mm thick MDF. 

If you choose the option "No edges", the MDF panels will be visible on the edges. The no edges option is most suitable for recessed areas. For large areas, the frame will not be pre-assembled and will need to be mounted directly on the wall.

Learn more about the manufacturing of our Plant Wall Art.


Ready? Now, customise your indoor green wall!  

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