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Discover: All About Plant and Moss Wall Art

Beautiful Plant Wall Art: All You Need to Know about Plant Wall Art and Moss Wall Art

Beautiful indoor, natural plant walls in your spaces that last through the years without any maintenance? Yes, this is no longer a dream. Here you will find natural plant and moss wall art. 

Learn all about this fantastic indoor plant wall art, how they are naturally harvested and preserved, carefully designed, and about our custom made projects and standard plant wall art pieces.
Look at this video about our plant wall art:

Are the plants in the wall art - pictures, frames, and walls - really natural?

Yes, 100% natural. Our frames are built only with real plants. These plants are preserved in a natural process using glycerine and food colouring. This process allows permanently preservation of the plant system throughout the years, without requiring any plant care or maintenance. 

Plant wall art and moss wall art options in showroomShowroom of our Plant and Moss Wall Art

Which kind of plants do you use for creating plant wall art?

We offer a wide range of plant options to suit all tastes: Pincushion or cushion moss, flat forest moss, reindeer moss, ferns and jungle plants to build plant islands and jungle arrangements.
  • Pincushion, cushion or bun moss is characterised by its three dimensional, spherical shape, which provides a unique feeling to the spaces where it is displayed.
  • Flat moss has a darker green colour, and together with pincushion moss arrangements bring brighter green tones make three-dimensional highlights on a dark green forest moss background. 
  • Reindeer moss does not only look great but it is also serves as a sound and humidity absorber. It also contributes to a positive indoor climate.
  • Plant islands are  built with cushion moss and exotic plants resting on a ground of forest moss. 
  • Jungle frames and walls are very dense in vegetation, counting with many typical jungle plants.
Types of Greenery Plant Wall Art Forest HomesTypes of Greenery of our Plant and Moss Wall Art

If the plants and moss are natural, how are they maintenance-free?

Plant care or maintenance is not necessary because the plants are naturally preserved. In fact, the preserved plants should never be watered under any circumstances. They also don't require light and possess antistatic properties that prevent them from collecting dust. In short: 100% natural, 0% care.

Where do the plants come from?

All the cultivation and harvesting is done completely by hand. The plants are cultivated on certified farms – just like carrots or mushrooms. Appropriate care ensures the best possible conditions to create an optimal harvest. The harvest is done by hand with love and care. Subsequently, the harvested plants are pre-sorted by hand. Only the plants that meet the highest quality standards are used in processing.

Where are the plant wall designs manufactured?

The plant walls are produced in one of our two small workshops in Germany and Portugal. Artistic florists arrange the plants by hand to create green design arrangements. Produced with great attention to detail, each plant wall and picture is a true original. Our trained florists also live up to this artistic design challenge and manufacture every single product with passion and attention to detail. This is how green works of art are created that remain "completely unique and made in the European Union".

Moss Wall Art IdeasDifferent designs of our Plant Wall Art

How are the plants preserved and designed?

The plants go through a natural preservation process using water, food colouring and glycerine. In a biological exchange process, the water in the plant is naturally replaced by glycerine, and the chlorophyll is replaced by food colouring. This is why they remain beautiful without any care. The entire process is completely natural, safe and harmless to our health.

Patented Preservation & Creation of our Plant Wall Art 

The fact that our plants remain permanently beautiful with their natural appearance and flexibility makes it hard to convince viewers that they need no maintenance, light or water. In fact, this is due to a special preservation process that was patented in 1984 and which has since been continually refined. The basis is natural preservation, which does not require any chemical substances.

In order to achieve an optimal end result, the plants are harvested at the height of their life cycle. In a preservation chamber, the liquid in the mature plants is replaced by a liquid mixture of glycerin, water and food colouring. Only natural substances are used in the multi-day exchange process. The preserved plants and mosses are then arranged in the different styles and products.

Harvesting and Design Plant Wall Art Forest HomesHandmade cultivation, harvesting, preservation and design of our Plants for Plant Wall Art

What type of projects do you offer with plant walls and plant wall art?

 We offer standard wall art pieces and custom made projects. For our standard product assortment, we offer plant wall art in fixed sizes. Here you will find from symbols, letters, frames, and even wall speakers. For custom made pieces, we offer you the possibility to create your own green wall, ceiling or business logo. The possibilities are simply endless.

To see our offer of plant and moss wall art pieces visit here.

To design your own custom plant wall projects visit here.

Custom made project

What frame types do you offer?

Customise your plant wall art or custom made projects with the edge or frame that most suits your needs. Whether its a green edge or with an aluminium profile, we got you covered! Our green walls are usually manufactured on 12 mm thick MDF. 

If you choose the option "No edges", the MDF panels will be visible on the edges. The no edges option is most suitable for recessed areas. For large areas, the frame will not be pre-assembled and will need to be mounted directly on the wall.

Green Wall Frame Examples No edges, Green Edges, Aluminium (White, Silver and Black)

Discover the care and love in our Plant Wall Art

We offer you unique plant wall art made of real plants and moss. 100% natural and handmade in Europe.

Our plants and moss panels do not require water, light or maintenance. They are preserved with 100% natural technology. Find here the best ways to decor your home with real plants, fern and moss panels and wall art.

Discover our offer of plant and moss wall art pieces here.

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