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We're planting a forest, one product at a time. Why do we do this?

From now on, for every product you purchase at Forest Homes, we plant a tree on your behalf. In average, every tree planted captures 20kg of CO2 per day. This means, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping to fight climate change, without any additional cost for you. We help you give back to the earth for all that it gives us. Thank you for being a part of this amazing reforestation project with us. 

Did you know that at the current rate of extensive deforestation, experts estimate the last of the world's rainforest will disappear in less than 40 years? Or, that 25% of climate change can be attributed to deforestation?

We can commit to doing something about this. 

At Forest Homes, we're dedicated to providing nature inspired, and sustainable products and services while protecting our customers and our planet. That's why, for every product bought at our shop, we've pledged to plant one tree to reduce carbon emissions and take action against climate change.

The good news? All you have to do to get involved is shop as usual, and we commit to planting more trees, without any additional cost to you.

Why is it important to plant trees?

Trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. They benefit us by purifying water and air, and by creating better social conditions. They benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate and improving our soil.

In 2019, a scientific report by the Crowther Lab concluded that planting trees is possibly the cheapest and most effective way to fight Climate Change. Beyond that, trees have incredible benefits for both our environment and its inhabitants.

To fight Climate Change, there 2 types of solutions: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to capture CO2 already released into the atmosphere. For many years the focus has been, rightly so, on lowering emissions. Today the scientific consensus is that this is unfortunately not enough. That’s why carbon capture (and in particular reforestation) is part of the solutions considered essential by the COP21 Paris agreement to keep global temperature rise below 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels.

Trees absorb CO2, store the C (Carbon) and eject O2 (Oxygen). Other carbon capture solutions are being developed, but reforestation is by far the most efficient and affordable solution, likely over 100 times cheaper than the next best solution.

Another extraordinary difference is the quantity of other amazing benefits of planting trees. Trees serve as habitats to millions of species, bring revenue to local populations, help us get food, fodder and medicine, clean our air from toxins, purify our rivers and water resources and much more. Plus, they are Natural.

But today we are losing trees every year because of deforestation. Because of this, approximately 17% of Climate Change is caused by our loss of trees, an impact on global greenhouse gas emissions greater than the entire transport sector. We cannot pretend to fight Climate Change without solving Deforestation.

Therefore, planting trees is essential for our planet. Not as an aim but simply because trees address some of the most threatening issues our generation is facing: Pollution, Species Extinction, Climate Change, Desertification, Deforestation, Floods, Poverty, Malnutrition and even Deadly Viruses. For many of these problems, planting trees is a critical part of the solution.

Benefits of planting trees for humanity



Trees purify water and slow down runoff by filtering it with their roots. This process prevents erosion and reduces the risk of saturation and flooding.

Water Supply

Roughly 1/3 of the world’s largest cities rely on protected forest areas for a large proportion of their drinking water. This includes cities such as New York and Singapore.


Oxygen Production

Trees and forests are often referred to as the ‘lungs of the planet’ for a very simple reason: they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. It is estimated that 1 acre of trees can provide the oxygen requirements of 12 people for a year.

Absorb Harmful Gases

In addition to absorbing CO2, trees also absorb harmful pollutant gases such as sulphur dioxide, ozone, ammonia, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.


Trees cool the surrounding air by providing shade and by a process called transpiration cooling. This is where trees release water droplets from their leaves that cool the surrounding area when they evaporate.

Social Benefits

Medical Properties

We derive many medicines from tree bark, leaves and flowers of different species. These are usually used in herbal medicine, but many compounds in pharmaceutical industries are based on those originally extracted from trees.

Developing World

Many of the world’s extreme poor live close to a forested area. Food, drink and equipment obtained from these forests can account for up to 28% of total household earnings in some tropical and subtropical regions.

Mental Health

Trees and nature have been shown to improve mental health and cognition in both healthy individuals and those suffering from mental illness.

Plant Hanging Rings

Our planting trees mission at Forest Homes

We want to give back to the Earth for providing us with the space we need to refocus, recharge and reconnect. We’re doing that by planting a tree for each product you purchase at Forest Homes.

In average we spend 90% our time indoors, far from natural environments, and away from what helps ground us in reality, like checking in with nature.

Forest Homes mission is to help people live better lives indoors by providing an immediate connection to nature in interior spaces. Our designs are inspired by the natural world around us; it seems only fair that we give back to the thing that inspires us on the daily.

And that’s not all. Living a more climate-positive lifestyle is something we think we should all be thinking more about. Every nature inspired product acquired here also adds to your interest about environmental issues; so why not double down on that effort and plant part of a tree while you do it, too?

How does tree planting work?

Our products give you the great opportunity to make a real difference to our planet - all from the comfort of your indoor space. Through our Plant a Tree initiative with Tree Nation, we are significantly contributing to reforestation projects around the world.

We've partnered with Tree Nation, an established, global organisation with the mission to tackle climate change by planting trees. They work with different initiatives such as the Eden Reforestation Project, and the Usambara Biodiversity Conservation, and more, which coordinate the planting with members of local communities in areas that most need it. Some examples are Boanamary in northwest Madagascar, Kitiligini in Kenya and Mahubo in Mozambique.

Getting involved is as simple as shopping for your preferred products at Forest Homes. Our reforesting partner, Tree Nation, sends you an email with all of the information related to your trees and location. You will just need to click on 'Plant a tree', and it will automatically plant for you without any additional cost. 

Our Plant a Tree initiative increases reforestation while tackling wider humanity issues caused by deforestation and desertification such as malnutrition, food shortages, floods, land ownership and poverty.

Throughout time, you’ll be able to see how many trees you’re helping to plant on Forest Homes' forest.

Reforestation Facts

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