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Quick tips to frame your nature canvas wall art prints in style

Use the wonderful ideas in this infographic with your nature canvas prints. These ideas will not only embellish, but add that extra designer touch into your nature inspired interiors. Have a look at the different styles that you could use to frame your canvas. 

Infographic - How to create beautiful canvas prints styles with hanging frames, photo frames and canvas

Different styles to frame your canvas

Discover all you can do with your canvas prints at Forest Homes. Explore through choices of frame styles and frame colours for your canvas. 

1. Canvas in Poster Frames

With wooden or metal brackets (slates) you can slide your canvas inside to hang to your wall. This look is very original and resource effective. See options here.

Choosing frame colours that adapt to your space

To choose the colour of your mount take into consideration colours that you'd like to stand out in your room and the shades of your canvas images

2. Canvas in Art Frames (Stretched Canvas)

Canvas art lifts your images off the wall surface. This choice of mount will depend on your room style and size, as a considerably salient frame can slightly minimise your room's apparent size. See here our choice of mount that is amazingly simple to use.

Choosing frame colours that adapt to your space

Canvas art pieces look beautiful on natural wooden frames or neutral and metallic shaded frames (white, black, silver and gold). 

3. Canvas in Photo Frames

Photo frames add a bright finish to your canvas image. This type of frame style is great when you would also like to provide an inside border to your image.

Choosing frame colours that adapt to your space

Photo frames can be beautifully adapted to the room style in basically all different colours and styles. 

4. Canvas in wooden boxes

Your canvas also look amazing when inserted in wooden boxes such as wine boxes and just about anything with a relieve.

Do you have other ways to frame your canvas? Tell us in the comments below. We'd love to hear them :)


We're totally captivated by the beauty of all these canvas frame styles. Imagine them on your own walls and on your own style. Find beautiful options of natural frames and canvas prints here. Space makeover guaranteed. 


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