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Canva how to stretch on a frame without tools? (Video)

Follow this simple step by step guide (in video) to stretch your own nature inspired art canvas. Find our mounts available here at Forest Homes.



canvas print which is stretched is often used in interior design. Canvases at Forest Homes are built from 100% cotton canvas material. For this reason, these tend to have the most texture and personality, which is what most people think of when they envision art canvas.

Because they are made up of 100% natural fibres, there are more likely to be variations in whiteness, weave and texture from lot to lot. This variability in the colour and look of their prints is an advantage because it gives each print a very original look.

How to frame your canvas

Using our easy mounts found here, these are the steps you'll need to follow:

  1. Lay your printed canvas face down.
  2. Mark 3.2 cm from each of your canvas. This will create squares of 3.2 cm sides on each corner of the canvas.
  3. Centre the wood bars, one by one, after removing the double face stickers, leaving the squares at the edges free.
  4. Check the canvas edges to confirm correct placement.
  5. Begin bringing together two wooden bars, perpendicular to each other.
  6. Fold the canvas inside the angle of these two wooden bars and staple them together using the U shaped nails.
  7. Continue folding sides going around the canvas frame. Stretching the canvas as tight as you can.
  8. Assure the canvas staples into place.
  9. Place the cardboard triangles on each corner. 
  10. Your canvas is ready for exhibition.


Do you have any questions, comments about the easy framing system from Forest Homes? Tell us in the comments below!



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