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Get inspired by these tapestries ideas

A great practice in our everyday lives is to learn to make the most of everything we own. In this sense, nature inspired design should be as beautiful as it should be functional and durable in our lives. 

Find out how to use nature tapestries in different wall settings in our infographic below. Get even more ideas to help you make the most of your natural decor piece. 

Make the most of your tapestry or wall hanging with this great ideas. Achieve great things with your piece that will not only embellish, but will benefit your wellbeing in your spaces

How to use tapestries?

One of the most appreciated effects of tapestries is their ability to make any space feel cosier and more relaxed. This is due to their flowing form, that instead of remaining stiff and static, it appears to be in constant movement.

Where to hang a tapestry?

- Put them up in areas where a cozy vibe is preferred. This can be your bedroom, hallway, waiting areas and/or living room. 

- A beautiful way of hanging your tapestry is on a wall behind your bed, couch, chair or storage unit. If your bedside is sitting against the wall, you can place the tapestry on the bedside.

How to hang a tapestry?

- You can hang your tapestry up in the ceiling. This not only embellishes but can also give a "glamping" effect to your spaces.

- On a corner a tapestry can provide a sense of depth, specially with symmetrical images and landscape visuals. Complement with lights and small elements on the side. 

You could add to your tapestry... 

- Lights, plants, other tapestries or smaller frames that match the vibe of your tapestry. Think about complementary textures and colours


 Are you looking to add a very special touch to your spaces? Get started with these variety of nature inspired tapestries at Forest Homes.


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