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Get These Great Ideas for Terrariums and More!

Ideas for Terrariums - Planting in a Terrarium - Forest Homes Blog

A terrarium is a very versatile piece. It is made to fit many different styles and diverse functionalities. Find here unique ideas on how to make your terrarium a gorgeous glass display.

Ideas for Terrariums: The beauty and versatility of one decorative piece.

Put simply, a terrarium is a glass container, usually shaped in beautiful ways here at Forest Homes, that you could use it to recreate natural environments, light up spaces or store your preferred items. Imagine a jungle, a desert, or a forest habitat thriving in this small space. Or, picture lights giving a magnificent effect when stored in a glass terrarium. Better, create inviting and beautiful experiences in your daily life by using terrariums to store your everyday items in style. To top it off, terrariums also make the perfect gift.

Let's have a look at some ideas for terrariums in use:

  1. Growing Plants is your Terrarium
  2. Create a Light-Up Terrarium
  3.  Store your Items in Your Terrarium

Growing Plants on Your Terrarium

Growing plants in your Forest Homes Terrarium
Sugi Bubble Terrarium at Forest Homes

First, the most common use of terrariums is to replicate ecosystems for observational pleasure; they’re gorgeous decorative pieces; and they can thrive in spots as unlikely as the top of your bedroom dresser.

When growing natural elements in your glass terrarium, you should consider factors such as moisture, lighting, heating, and ventilation.

Low Maintenance vs. Higher Maintenance Natural Terrariums

If you’re looking for a relatively hands-off option, open-air terrariums are often easier to maintain than sealed versions, such as those in a bottle or a jar. Closed environments generally need more upkeep since the air can get polluted, moisture condensates more quickly, and plants might not get enough light.

Also on the low-maintenance side, desert or dry-land habitats don’t require as detailed a substrate, or growing medium, as jungle and forests ecosystems do.  For example cacti and succulents don't need intricate drainage systems. For desert terrariums, a layer of sterile sand atop potting soil will work just fine.

For other habitats with more moisture, a more complex substrate is vital. See below how to build one!

How to grow plants in a terrarium - Forest Homes

How to Grow Plants in your Terrarium

The following method to create your plant terrarium is suggested by HomeGrown.

What to Use:

  • Glass Terrarium, preferably with a wide mouth for easy construction
  • Gravel, sand, or pebbles
  • Activated (horticultural) charcoal
  • Moss
  • Sterile potting mix
  • Tiny plants
  • Ornaments (if desired)

How to Build

1. Throughly clean your glass planter, or terrarium.

2. Choose your plants. Be sure to choose plants that have similar growing requirements, as they all have to get along and grow together in one tiny ecosystem.

Now, the steps 3 through 6 apply to jungle and forest plants. If you opt for a desert environment, you only need a layer of potting soil covered by a layer of sterile sand; install those, then skip to step 7.

3. Place at least 5 cm (2 inches) of gravel, sand, or pebbles—also known as the drainage layer—at the bottom of your terrarium..

4. Add about a half a cm (¼ inch) to one and half cm (½ inch) of activated charcoal. This layer filters the air and keeps the environment clean. (You can skip this step in open-top terrariums).

5. Next, add a blanket of sphagnum moss. This layer allows water to filter through to the pebble layer while keeping your soil in place.

6. Up next, add a layer of sterile potting soil. You want fresh soil here, rather than reusing soil from old plants.

7. Move your terrarium plants from their pots, gently tease the root bindings apart, and, if you wish to delay growth (a good idea for tiny environments with limited to no room to expand), prune the roots carefully. Gently add your plants to your terrarium.

8. For a finishing touch, decorate as desired with your preferred ornaments (example: seashells, rocks, or others).

9. Water your plants as recommended; often a light misting from a spray bottle will do the trick.

10. Care for your terrarium as you would your other houseplants. Prune damaged leaves, add water when the soil is dry, air out a closed terrarium once a month, and never add fertiliser, which encourages growth. In a terrarium, size is everything—and smaller is better!

Create a Light-Up Terrarium

Terrariums with String Lights at Forest Homes
Golden Leaf Terrarium with Glow Copper String Lights at Forest Homes

Another great idea for your terrarium is creating awesome light-up glass terrarium. This make up for super beautiful and cosy bedroom decor or very interesting living room decor. Additionally, this type of terrarium use is great for wedding decoration as super-stunning reception decor pieces, or centrepieces for larger tables.

What to Use

  • Glass terrarium, with an open side or door that opens.
  • LED Lights or candles
  • Optional: something to spread along the bottom of the terrarium. This could be sea shells, driftwood, rocks or moss for a more earthy terrarium feel.

How to Build:

1. Place your bottom ornaments inside your terrarium

2. Insert your lighting tools either LED lights or candles inside your terrarium.

3. Plug in the light set or light the candles. If dealing with lights, either pull the extension cord out the front and run it back under the terrarium, or turn the terrarium around and leave the cord running out the front.

Store your Items inside your Terrarium

Storage solutions with Terrrarium
Golden Leaf Terrarium at Forest Homes (Source: TheHouseOfSilverLining)

When looking for creative solutions for storing daily kitchen, bathroom or bedroom items, think outside the box. Creating a unique space to store your items, will make your daily home experiences more enjoyable and inviting.

Your turn to Bright Up your Spaces with a Terrarium

How would you use your terrarium? Would you try any of the ways above or would you like to try a different choice? Tell us in the comments below and get inspired with our unique terrariums and planters at Forest Homes.


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