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Summer Nostalgia? Discover 4 Looks of Jungle Mural Wallpaper To Bring Warmth To Your Space

Nature Silence Mural Wallpaper

No matter the time of the year, we are always looking to bring warmth to our lives, and our spaces. There are certain styles that can warm up rooms visually, saving up on energy, and winning on beautiful design. For example, Jungle mural wallpaper has the power to bring these feelings of warmness to your home, work or office.

If you find yourself missing the warmer weather, here are some ideas to bring the jungle to your spaces, with our beautiful jungle mural wallpaper, so you don't ever have to feel nostalgic for warmer weather.

What if you could sense the feel of leaves floating around you, or being surrounded by a dense tropical forest? No matter which the time of the year, adding a touch of nature inspiration at home, either is wild savageness or modern representations of nature, can be restoring.

Our Jungle murals can be bold, without being over the top, they can be modern without being too edgy, and finally, they can be chic while sticking to the basics. 

Embrace the jungle feelings all while relaxing on your sofa. Let your creativity fly by creating outstanding, original spaces, with your own jungle signature style. Have a look at these 4 beautiful looks of jungle murals.

Jungle Mural Look#1: Jungle Illustrations 

1.  Fine Jungle Illustrations 

If life is a book, then you will love to write stories surrounded by the most remarkable environments. This is exactly what the fine jungle illustration murals allow you to do. These magnificent and vivid wallpapers let you dive in the inspiration and greatness of both nature and art. Now, all you need to do is impersonate that one amazing character of your own book.  

Frais Caraibes Mural

The Frais Caribbean mural wallpaper is the ultimate statement of nature inspired wall art

Nature Silence Mural Wallpaper

 Find yourself submerged in the warm and calmed jungle of our Nature Silence Mural  

2 - Black & White Jungle Illustration

If you'd like to be inspired with a jungle wall, and prefer the elegant and/or vintage style of neutral, black and white tones, this jungle wallpaper style is the best selection for your interior. The neutral tones in these murals will create a great mix between softness and wildness, perfect to create an elegant and rich room. 

Frais Caraibe black & white mural set

A modern and elegant design with Black & White Jungle illustrations. Try this black & white look with our Frais Black & White Jungle Mural 

3. Playful Jungle

Inspire play and children's creativity with a colourful and happy pattern style. Being surrounded by art, especially nature inspired art, is highly motivating to increase imagination and make our dream awaken even further. Now, let's hope our kids won't be willing to draw their own jungle on other walls. 

Monte Argentario Mural Wallpaper

Monte Argentario is a beautiful mural which will suit from the playful living room to your children's or girls' bedroom perfectly fine.

Create a designer-like space with the incredibly vibrant blue and green tones of the jungle inspired Soothing Feathers Mural Wallpaper


Jungle Mural Look#2: Bold 

With this style, feel free to break the rules and take risks by building spaces with personality. Either with a small surface or a full width wall, you can create impeccable, full of character styles. Do you dare? This mural is made to choose without fear, because there is no space in the jungle for having doubts. 

Light Tropical Feelings

 The beautiful Light Tropical Feelings Wallpaper is a leaf mural that helps you create enjoyable atmospheres in any of your spaces

Noble Gardens Wallpaper

The Noble Gardens wallpaper will create a bold and colourful atmosphere rooms.

Jungle Mural Look#3: Vivid Landscapes 

A vivid landscape mural sets you for a complete immersion in the jungle. With this mural, entering your space will feel like you've stepped into the wild, almost as sensing that you are able to slightly touch the trees near of you, or feel the humidity of the jungle on your skin. Brought from a dream to reality, jungle mural wallpaper is your choice to fully experience the tropical forest.

All in Monstera Mural Wallpaper

Impression of profoundness and character with All in Monstera Wallpaper

Into the wild Mural wallpaper

Restoring and refreshing spaces with nature at heart with the Into the Wild Mural 

Jungle Mural Look#4: Jungle Paintings 

Why having a small frame, when your entire wall can be a big piece of art? This is what the painting style mural is all about. With this style of jungle mural, walls will look like directly painted by the hand of the artist. Allow yourself to create your own gallery in the comfort of your space.

Enchanted Jungle Mural Wallpaper

Find yourself amidst the seductive colours of the Enchanted Jungle Mural  


These are some ideas of jungle mural wallpaper where you can choose what represents your style best. Discover our range of jungle mural wallpaper for a complete inspiration.


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