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What are the effects of the color green in your decor?

green colour in decoration


The idea of having to spend more time at home can make you want to switch things up in your interiors to make it the most enjoyable. Have you ever considered adding dashes of green to your room?  By using green in the right ways, you may bring feelings of peace and growth. Learn in this article, some of the effects of using this beautiful color in your home and ideas for more green your decor.

Colours are not just something we see with our eyes that makes things seem with life, but it can affect our mood and mindset. Skilled interior designers do not pick the color of walls just based on aesthetics; they choose colours that would benefit the mood and psychological well-being of their clients. We rarely see green as the main walls for homes because it can be daunting if not used properly. However, with the right choice of hues, green can become a life-changing accent to your homes.

Keep reading to find out:

  1. How Green Affects our Mood
  2. How the Color Green Affects us Physically
  3. Are there Negative Effects of the Color Green?
  4. Green Decor Ideas
  5. How to Pick the Right Green Hues for Your Home

1. How the color green affects our mood

green wallpaper at Forest Homes


In Color Psychology, there are several common effects of the color green to the human emotion, however the most predominant ones are relaxation and growth.


The color green is frequently associated with nature. Green is a cool color that symbolises nature and the natural world. Perhaps because of its strong associations with nature, green is often thought to represent tranquility, good luck, and health.

Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect. For example, guests waiting to appear on television programs often wait in a “green room” to relax.

Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal. Those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches.

Many psychologists recommend their patients to go on trips to the countryside to relax and get things off the mind. When going on trips, people often travel to a remote place where they see more lush green grass and trees than people - this scenery relaxes the mind. Because of the dominant color of green seen in nature, this is linked greatly with the color. Scientists also say that because the color green strains our eyes less, it helps with the relaxation we feel.


"Green," is a word derived from the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word ‘grene," which means "grass" or "grow." Again, this mindset is connected to nature. As people first think of nature whenever they see it, they may think of an incredible variety of shades of green showing life and freshness.

However, growth is not only limited to the growth of life but also can be associated with financial growth. Green is often used as the color of money. It first started when counterfeiting money was rampant during the 1860s. The federal government of the US thought about making money green so it would be easy to determine what was original versus counterfeit.

2. How the Color Green Affects us Physically

green open field

Green is considered the most restful color for the eye. This is due to the nature of our eyes. The human eye can perceive colours with the help of our retinas detecting light in wavelengths. A range of light wavelengths called the visible spectrum is where we can discern color. Green lies in the middle of this spectrum, so green is where our perception is at best.

How does green make you feel in general? Do you associate green with certain qualities or situations?

Learn about what people have to say about the color green in some of the following responses readers have shared with VeryWellMind.


Readers often suggest that the color green has a calming effect. 

"Dark greens are so soothing. I've noticed that whenever I'm feeling nervous or anxious about something, sitting in my dark green living room makes me feel much more relaxed. I guess that's why they have 'green rooms' for actors to sit in before they go on stage. It probably helps them feel more grounded and calm."

Green's calming effects may be due to its associations with nature, which people often feel is relaxing and refreshing.

Improved reading abilities

Researchers have also found that green can improve reading ability. Some students may find that laying a transparent sheet of green paper over reading material increases reading speed and comprehension. Read more here.


While some find green a relaxing color, others find that it gives them a feeling of excitement.

Green gives me a rush. I like to buy everything green. I like characters with green hair, eyes, clothes automatically. It gives me an endorphin rush, I think," said one viewer.

This can be especially true of particularly vibrant shades of green. "I love a really bright, vibrant green! It seems so energetic and motivating. Like I always feel inspired and recharged whenever I'm around a bright chartreuse or lime green," explained a reader.


"When I see someone is wearing the color green, I feel she is kind, helpful, caring and sympathetic. It is a color that just radiates compassion." - Yedaheh


"Green to me is a symbol of growth of nature. When I notice the color green it gives off a calming and peaceful feeling." – Brenden

"The color green reminds me of the natural world. I love to incorporate green in my interior decor and wardrobe because it feels so close to nature." – Betty


"Green is a color that to me symbolises a new beginning. I imagine a fresh green plant emerging from the soil. Whenever I'm trying to get motivated to tackle a new goal or start over on something, surrounding myself with green can be quite helpful." – Ivan

Your own reaction to the color green is highly personal. Past experiences, as well as personal and cultural associations, can all play a role in how this color makes you feel.

3. Are there negative effects of the color green?

Aside from being associated to relaxation and life, the color green have also been linked to negative emotions as well such as the coining of the term, "green with envy," jealousy and the like. In pop culture, monsters, poison, and dangerous chemicals have always been portrayed in green as if the color should be something to be avoided.

We must remember that perception of colours have also been influenced by culture. People of different locations may or may not have the same impression of green because since they are natives of their places, they have been shaped differently while growing up.

4. Green Decor Ideas

 1. Plants

The trend these days are rooms with hanging plants, potted plans - basically, making a jungle out of your room. They are not wrong though. Plants really do make your space look and feel alive.

2. Accent Walls

Green walls can be daunting especially if you do not know which shade or hue of green you should choose. If you cannot decide to make all your walls green, why not choose just one side of the wall and make it the "pop of life" in your home.

In photo: Neo Mint Marble Mural Wallpaper

3. Accent pieces

If you cannot commit to a full wall, you can always choose tangible objects in your house like furniture or decor items. Get furniture with unique green hues that will attract the eye.

In photo: Green Wide Moss Wall Art

4. Tapestry

If you would like a simple piece, a green-themed tapestry would do. Tapestries are more flexible as they can be moved from one place to another. You can also bring them along when you move homes.

In photo: Varm Cactus Tapestry

5. Canvas Paintings

Canvas paintings are more friendly if you are in a budget. It's simple but it works. Instead of one canvas painting, layering them with other designs has a different effect.

In photo: Sulle Feelings Canvas Prints

5. How to Pick the Right Green Hues for Your Home

It is understandable that it might be difficult to find the right shades and hues of green to use because there are a lot to choose from. You can get confused about whether you should choose saturated ones or light ones. Here are different green hues you can choose from, and you can decide depending on the vibe you want your home to feel like.

Soft greens

What are the effects of colour green in your decor? What are the effects of the colour green in your decor? 

Softer green tones create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. If you want to brighten up your room, this is the perfect green for you. This is ideal if you do not want your walls to be plain white but want a little color. This kind of green is not bothersome if you are the type of person who is not fond of vibrant colours.

Medium or mild greens

In photo: Endless Summer Mural Wallpaper

What are the effects of the colour green in your decor? What are the effects of the colour green in your decor?

Tones with mild green create a cool and calm vibe. This tone of green is what you want if you would like a tropical feel to your space. This might be perfect for you if you do not like bright colours or dark ones – just the right amount of green.

Dark greens

What are the effects of the colour green in your decor? What are the effects of the colour green in your decor?

Dark tones of green can make rooms feel tremendously soothing and relaxing. This is because the higher the intensity of the green, the more it brings the natural world to mind.

However, used too widely, dark green might create a sense of gloom in the interior. Therefore, use these tones mindfully according to the desired effect.

Intense greens are also great for furniture with the intent of being centre or accent pieces.

Of course, the tones you can choose from are not limited by these. A tip is to find swatches around the colours in your homes, and to find palettes that would best suit your space.

Find your green tones to inspire your spaces here at Forest Homes.

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