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Frais Caribbean Mural Wallpaper
Your environment shapes you.
Our customers loved this item to design environments that support the best version of themselves.
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Palm Canopy Mural Wallpaper
To focus only on rooms' aesthetics and functionality is not enough. Designers choose these stunning products that also care about their environmental impact.
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      Tropical wallpaper collection | Bring warmth with lush nature inspired scenes.

      Create rich and vibrant surroundings with our gorgeous selection of tropical and jungle wallpaper designs. Our range of lush and minimalist wall designs include jungles scenes, tropical lake illustrations, palm leaf patterns, colourful botanical murals, fresh pastel tones, tropical birds, large sized tropical leaves, and the tropical decor classics as monstera leaves, pineapples and wild cats illustrations.  Ranging from bright to pastels in pink, green and blue, you'll find the perfect style to brighten up any space you'd like.
      Bring a sense of flavour to your kitchen backdrop with colourful tropical flowers, create the jungle feelings in your living room with a beautiful jungle scene, or set the Californian vibes in your bedroom with a bright tropical pattern. A great idea is also using our tropical designs for creating feature walls that set a nature theme in your room.
      Our tropical wallpapers - printed in the highest quality with crystal clear images - are not only visual assets, but they create a pleasant atmosphere, radiating nature connectedness that is proven to help you relax and restore. They are made from certified non-toxic and paper textiles.
      Fill your home and spaces with tropical wallpaper designs to feel like you’re living in your own perfect jungle paradise or private beach. 
       Create spaces that come to life with our unique tropical and jungle mural designs.
      Sustainable interiors
      Be an environmental hero: Start with your indoor spaces.
      We help you create interiors that support the environment with products that care about the manufacturing process, materials, and people.

      Select and support products based on their positive impact on the environment.
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      Biophilic design
      Feel much better when your surroundings support you.
      Biophilic interior design provides proven benefits to your health and well-being. Live in spaces that bring out the best in you.

      Say hello to a more productive, calm, and brighter version of yourself.
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      Discover the finest of nature and sustainable design