Plant Wall Art

Moss and plant walls
What is Plant Wall Art?
Discover all about this great innovation of 100% natural plants, 100% maintenance-free.
3 products

3 products

Plant wall art collection |  Nature meets design to create amazing greening solutions. 

Our unique plants, moss walls and and DIY moss panels for your indoor space do not require water, light or maintenance. They are preserved with 100% natural technology.
These high quality pieces are not only visual assets, they create a pleasant atmosphere, radiate calmness and absorb sound or humidity.
A natural preservation process provides the plants long-lasting durability. This way, these green works of art remain beautiful for years with their natural look and feel.
And the best part: our plants don't need water or light to stay fresh all year round. 
Find here the best ways to design and decorate with real plants that last for years.
We provide you real nature decor that supports your indoor wellbeing.