The key to retro interior design is to think outside the box. Retro is unconventional, bright and bold.

It's a common term to describe this aesthetic era: vintage, retro. The term "retro interior design" refers to a style that combines modern elements with vintage ones, or vice versa. The 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are particularly popular here, although any time period is open to exploration. It's a wild ride of opposing elements, colors, and forms. The mix of old and new will give this style greater depth and clarity. You might go for a monochromatic color scheme reminiscent of the Sixties, or you could go for a colorful mashup of primary colors. Art deco, nouveau, enormous, and psychedelic influences can be seen in the patterns. Don't be afraid to try new things, flout convention, and sing to your own tune.

Retro collection

Shop retro style products and create the most inspiring environments that fit your style. Find Wall Decor: Art, Frames and Wallpaper, Retro Lighting, Textiles: Rugs, Cushions and Throws, and much more.

Lotus Bamboo Table Lamp
Your environment shapes you.
Our customers loved this item to design environments that support the best version of themselves.
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Designer's choice
Bonbons aux Fruits Mural Wallpaper
To focus only on rooms' aesthetics and functionality is not enough. Designers choose these stunning products that also care about their environmental impact.
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