Inspire Love For Nature

Connection to nature on a daily basis reinforces the values of respect and care for the environment that are necessities for sustainability and success of communities. - J.H. Heerwagen

Inspire others for more nature love everyday, Forest Homes

Photo by Evelyn Monstrom

Judith Heerwagen is a psychologist whose research in sustainability and biophilia has added tremendous value to understand the psychological value of space. She has authored and delivered numerous articles and lectures on these topics and she has inspired us to keep looking to build more natural-like spaces in our daily lives.

The world needs to increasingly see more of that love and understanding of nature such as Judith's.

Be that inspiration

What's inspired you to live a more natural life everyday?

What's a beautiful encounter that you've had in nature?

What part of being in contact with nature makes you feel the most fulfilled?   

How being in contact with forests has helped you improve your existence in some way? 

You have the power to stimulate and energise others by promoting more natural consciousness in our daily lives. 

Want to make a difference? Start today!

If you want your story to be featured, let us know in the comments below and we will highlight it in our homepage!

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