Wallpaper size chart

How to get the right amount of wallpaper?

The very first thing you need to do is measure your wall(s) width and height.


With your wall(s) height and width we can estimate how much wallpaper you need by multiplying these measurements. At Forest Homes, we use meters as the unit of measure because our murals are purchased by square meters - this is: 

Width (m) x Height (m) = Total Square Meters To Order (rounding up to the next entire number)

Let's say you have a wall that makes 3.80 meters wide by 2.45 meters high. In this case, the calculation would be:

 3.80 m x 2.45 m = 9.31 = Rounding up 10

This means that for this wall, you would need to order 10 square meters. This is done by adding the number 10 to your cart.

If you have several walls you can insert each of the wall measurements, and add up the results. The total amount will be the total order units.

Your wallpaper will be a continuous mural scaled to your wall measurements.