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5 Simple Ways of Decorating with Natural Elements

Imagine having a beautiful space where you feel inspired to be the best you can be everyday? This is what you could achieve using nature in decor. In fact, decorating with nature and using it for everyday wellbeing is ancient Japanese common sense. It is time that we also caught up to this beneficial habit of using nature for your wellbeing. In 5 simple ways you could start decorating with natural elements today and begin to maximise the benefits for your health. Learn in this article how to set up organic elements in your home, office and other indoor spaces. 

In Japan, people practice of “shinrin-yoku” or forest bathing, which consists of regularly noticing, experiencing, and appreciating the natural world around you.

"It’s a philosophy built on the belief that it is in our human nature to crave the company of trees. “Bathing” or immersing your senses in a forest-like atmosphere is central to Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and Shinto, and is thought to improve overall quality of life.

Qing Li, MD, the world’s leading expert in forest medicine, explains this phenomenon in Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health And Happiness.

In his study, Dr. Li found that forest bathing can actually reduce blood pressure, lower stress, and even improve concentration and memory, among other benefits. The best part is that you don’t have to live near a wooded area to reap the benefits of the latest health craze. Incorporating organic elements into your home will help you stay in constant contact with nature. 

Inspired in Real Simple and Dr. Li, we bring you 5 simple ideas in which you could include natural elements in your everyday life in decor. 

5 ways to start using nature decor in your spaces

1. Dedicate an indoor space for growing plants. 

You could either build a green wall, use baskets, vases, terrariums or hanging planters to add some life to your spaces. You can also add plants to cabinets or window ledges. 

2. Incorporate natural air purifiers: plants or essential oil diffusers. 

"Plants act like sponges, soaking up the toxic chemicals found in paints, fabric, cigarettes, and cleaning products," says Dr. Li. Some of the most purifying plants for indoor spaces are Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, English Ivy, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera Daisy, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, Bamboo Palm, Azalea, Red-Edge Dracaena, and the Spider Plant. In addition, essential oil diffusers, make great work purifying and soothing indoor air. Essential oils as rosemary, pine, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender and peppermint are within the top air purifier scents you could use in your spaces.

3. Add green in unexpected places. 

 A natural rug made of moss, rocks in the shower, cactus in baskets, anywhere is good to bring a reminder of nature at home. These beautiful terrariums are an amazing way to create unexpected mini landscapes anywhere at home.

4. No window? Hang pictures of nature. 

Nature views provide real, quantifiable health benefits, both mental and physical. Incorporating nature images allows you to perceive natural elements which help create restorative spaces, and that in fact, nature views provide real, quantifiable health benefits, both mental and physical. Using illustrations of nature in form of art or vivid images of nature in wallpapers can bring true restoring effects in your spaces. See more options to see nature in your spaces here.

5. Fill your home with woodsy scents. 

Use diffusers or incense to fill your spaces with woodsy scents. Natural and plant based incense benefits our wellbeing according to traditional users by enabling us to clean the air, to soothe and calm anxiety, to enhance focus, stimulating our creativity, increasing our motivation, heightening sexual desire, helping to relieve muscle tension, among others.

6. Eat fresh herbs. 

Boost flavour and your health by adding fresh herbs to food. Growing them in your home will add an element of green to your space, and fresh herbs are good for you, too. In fact, rosemary, parsley, peppermint, oregano and thyme benefit your health in many ways. Learn more here.

How do you decorate with natural elements now? 

Do you have more nature inspired decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear how your interior design is influenced by nature. 




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