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Find Simple Ideas for a Gorgeous Tropical Decor

An Office or Home Lounge in Tropical Decor

Tropical decor always provides great warmth and richness to the atmosphere of any space. Find here ways and examples on how to achieve the beautiful vibe and image of tropical environments, no matter your preferred style.

Bring tropical environments to life with tropical decor

When imagining a tropical environment, we often picture often one of a hot, humid, dense, green forest, with lianas and epiphytes draping down from massive buttressed trees. While this image may describe many tropical rain forests, there are numerous types of other tropical environments that can be considered, such as tropical gardens, palm tree beaches, and many more, to achieve a beautiful tropical decor.  

1. Jungle Wallpaper, Tropical Mural and Palm Wallpaper.

Great vivid scenes of jungle environments, fine art tropical illustrations, tropical plant images or palm beach representations can bring to life a tropical decor in your space. See below some great examples of these stunning and simple ways to create a tropical decor with mural wallpaper.

 Office decor with beautiful jungle wallpaper in black and white. Forest Homes Murals

Fine art and vivid illustrations of a palm jungle forest in our Frais Caribbean Mural

Fresh and modern Tropical Decor with monstera leaves

Fresh and modern Tropical Decor with the Pink Monstera Mural


See all our options of Jungle Wallpaper, Tropical Plant Murals and Palm Wallpaper.

2. Plant and Moss Wall Art.

Real jungle plants are a great way to bring about a gorgeous tropical decor in your space. Our offer of real plant art, not only allows you to see and feel real nature, it even has a slight forest smell that will make your space radiate with jungle feelings.

 Plant Wall Art at Forest Homes

Dining room with jungle plants touches Rena Jungle Plant Wall Art

Plant Leaves Pictures

A tropical decor statement piece Rena Jungle Plant Wall Art

See our options of real plant wall art made with jungle plants here

3. Hanging lights with plants.

Growing tropical plants such as monstera, philodendron, ferns is possible in hanging lights that are adapted to do so. This can be a great way of creating a nature inspired spaces that resemble tropical environments. In the same way, you could also use lights made of natural materials such as rope (sisal) or cement to recreate your tropical decor.

White Cedar Hanging Lights at Forest Homes

Plants in Hanging Lights

Terrace setting with White Cedar Hanging Lights with hanging plants

See more hanging lights that allow you to grow plants and natural material hanging lights here.

4. Large Format Canvas Prints, and Canvas Gallery Walls.

A great way to create tropical decor inspiration in your spaces is using beautiful tropical plant illustrations on canvas prints. You could use large single-state features, or multiple illustrations building up a gallery.

 Large Format Tropical Plant Prints


Tropical Canvas Prints

 See our tropical decor inspired canvas prints options.

Be mindful of tropical environments with tropical decor

Tropical environments are extremely rich in natural species as well as processes.They nourish extensive biodiversity, and through thermal and hydrological convection cycles are able to regulate regional and global climate systems. Due to climate change, these environments are being threatened in ways in which we only begin to comprehend. Being more in contact with tropical environments everyday through representations in our spaces, helps to learn more from them, and improves our willingness to care for them.



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