Excursion Bird Mixed Wall Hangers (Set of 4)
Excursion Bird Mixed Wall Hangers (Set of 4)
Excursion Bird Mixed Wall Hangers (Set of 4)
Excursion Bird Mixed Wall Hangers (Set of 4)
Unique Minimalist Bird Wall Hook - Wall Decor -  - Forest Homes
Unique Minimalist Bird Wall Hook - Wall Decor -  - Forest Homes

Excursion Bird Mixed Wall Hangers (Set of 4)

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Design Bird Concrete Wall Hangers (Set of 4)

In their subtle play of light and shadow, these concrete wall hangers in the shape of birds create a contrast or harmony with the given ambience, depending on their placement: whether above a kitchen table, in the bedroom or on the overgrown tree in the garden, they merge unobtrusively with their surroundings. This creates the intended impression that the birds spring from their walls, break through and break open, making them a symbol of freedom and elegant naturalness.

The birds are available in different sizes and are carefully handcrafted in various weather-resistant materials and surfaces: matte white ceramic, concrete, copper, silver or even decorated with gold leaf.


How to Use

Free yourself from storage limits. The flock of birds breaks through the walls and strives out into freedom. These handcrafted sculptures play with the viewer's perception and involuntarily create a smile.

They are perfect for the design lovers with a sense of practicality. With their unmistakable silhouette, the wall hooks not only enrich everyday surroundings with their special charm, but also add practical benefits.

The white birds made of ceramic, as a flock or single are great as a gift.

In the outdoor area, the effect of birds on a dark background is perceived at its best. Whether on wood, concrete or a house wall, the stronger the contrast, the more striking the effect of the bird hooks.


Where it is from


These birds are designed and manufactured in Vienna, Austria by Thomas Poganitsch. They are characterised by a fascinating minimalism, a simple design in connection with the materials used that appears timeless and invites the viewer to take a closer look.

This collection of flocks of birds has become an aesthetic gem for every design-conscious apartment: the handcrafted birds can be effortlessly mounted in various sizes on walls and other surfaces where their delicate design can unfold its effect.





  • Handcrafted in Vienna
  • Weatherproof
  • Assembly: Nail and Dowel
  • Material: Ceramic, (Concrete, Gold leaf, Leaf metal, Silver leaf)
  • Sizes: Approx. 11 cm x 16 cm x 5.2 cm
  • Variants: Single or Set of Three
    • Mixed Swarm (4 birds in 4 different colors)
      • 1x white (ceramic)
      • 1x gray (concrete)
      • 1x gold (ceramic, gold leaf strike metal, glaze)
      • 1x silver (ceramic, silver leaf striking metal, glaze) 




Pack Includes

Set of 4 Mixed Birds, Fastening Materials (nails and dowel), and Instructions

Connection to Nature


These birds literally blend with your walls and indoor environment. They merge with a white wall and a relief is created. Light and shadow are particularly important , as they change depending on the light irradiation and thus play with our natural perception.

These almost alive wall hooks are elegant, discreet, reserved and never intrusive - their focus always remains on the simplicity.

These birds can provide dynamism to the indoor space; and convey feelings of freedom and constant change, as present in nature.




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