Spanish White Preserved Rice Flowers Bouquet
Spanish White Preserved Rice Flowers Bouquet
Spanish White Preserved Rice Flowers Bouquet
Spanish White Preserved Rice Flowers Bouquet
Spanish White Preserved Rice Flowers Bouquet

Spanish White Preserved Rice Flowers Bouquet

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About this product


100% natural, white rice flowers (Diosmi)

These flowers attract attention wherever they're used. As a focal point in your decor, in a vase, these are some of the showiest blooms out there.

Fresh greeneries in your home everyday? Yes, exactly! While it might be hard to keep fresh greens all year long, these gorgeous palm spears will make your spaces feel warm and welcoming everyday.

Create wonderful floral displays to bright up your interiors with these beautiful rice flowers (diosmis).




  • Package includes Bouquet of 100g.
  • Origin: Spain
  • Colour: White / Cream
  • Length: 40-50 cm
  • Preserved to last 5-10 years with appropriate use.
  • Preserved diosmis are a 100% natural.
  • They can only be exposed indoor.
  • They don't require maintenance, nor watering or a particular brightness.
  • They maintain their freshness and flexibility for several years.



These plants do not require any maintenance (e.g water or light). We recommend the following for their best use:

  • Handle plants with care and delicacy (fragile natural plants).
  • Avoid rooms with relative humidity above 80%.
  • Use these products in interiors where the temperature is not lower than 10°C.
  • Avoid sudden fluctuations in temperature.
  • Avoid positioning preserved plants just in front of an air conditioner.


Connection to Nature


The way your home looks has a direct effect on your emotions and perceptions. Being made of 100% natural materials, this preserved flower has aesthetically pleasing stimuli, encouraging processes of exploration and sense making for sight, which attract and hold a person’s attention effortlessly. On the other hand, this invites human touch. This invitation for further exploration motivates learning and successive sensorial engagement.



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Why you should choose the Spanish White Preserved Rice Flowers Bouquet

Improved wellbeing with biophilic design

With the use of this item, you can increase your direct and indirect contact with nature indoors. This is shown to bring a significantly positive impact to your wellbeing.

Conscious lifestyle with sustainable production

This product has been created in ethical and environmentally friendly standards. Also, because of its great quality and materials, it's a long lasting article that you could keep for a lifetime.

Innovation & design distinction

This object is a result of innovating with materials, manufacturing, function, or product design. This allows to truly differentiate the overall design outcome of your spaces.

How to benefit from
using natural materials
in your interiors?

There’s something about the aesthetic and physical experience of natural materials that taps into a deeper part of ourselves.

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