Grey Advent Calendar Candles with stand (Set of 9)
Grey Advent Calendar Candles with stand (Set of 9)
Grey Advent Calendar Candles with stand (Set of 9)
Grey Advent Calendar Candles with stand (Set of 9)

Grey Advent Calendar Candles with stand (Set of 9)

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You've found the best excuse to light a candle every day: A Set of 9 calendar candles or Advent candles with Candle holder.

The advent candle is a single candlestick that is marked 1 through 24 starting at the top. The idea is that you burn the candle enough every day to reach the next ticker, resulting in a completely burned candle by the time you get to Christmas Day. Pretty genius for your everyday candle addict who will be burning through their holiday scents regardless!

Use it to enhance your relaxation, calm and assuage any room at home or work.

This candle made from 100% food grade paraffin is odourless making it allergy and asthma friendly.

The result is an incredible beautiful candle that is smokeless and has a unique and clear glow. 

Where it comes from


These unique candles are known as the original hand-poured, distress-textured candles. They display a warm glow and boast phenomenally long burn times. The fully-refined, food-grade paraffin wax has been hydro-treated to remove impurities and colour. The result is a wax that is water clear, odourless and smokeless during burning. 

We use 100% cotton wicks from the U.S. and fine dyes from Germany. The candles have been tested by the independent SGS Laboratory in France. We are pleased to announce that results have confirmed these beautiful candles are indeed clean-burning and environmentally friendly.




Pure food grade paraffin

This product is made of 100% pure food grade paraffin making it odourless, allergy and asthma friendly. This paraffin - approved for use in the food industry- is the cleanest paraffin on the market, completely free for impurities and dirty particles. This is why, these candles can be used with safety in foods like cheese, chocolate, cake and more. 

The candles have a 100% cotton wicks from the U.S. and fine dyes from Germany.




  • Candle Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 4 cm
    • Height: 30 cm
    • Includes a set of 9 calendar candles with 9 holders.
    • Made from food grade paraffin
    • Allergy friendly
    • Available in three colours: White, Grey, Wine
    • Odourless and smokeless during burning
    • Laboratory tested and certified.
    • 100 % cotton fabrics from the United States
    • Hand poured
    • Coloured through
    • Long burn hours
    • Notes:
      • Let the candles burn to the edge the first time you light them.
      • Trim the wick during use, it makes the candles burn better.


    Connection to Nature


    There's a powerful effect when lighting spaces in candlelight. Throughout our human evolution, we used to wind down around fires at night. As a result, we respond to controlled fire as something that makes us feel protected, relaxed and sociable.

    Candlelight gives out warm red and orange rich light, which we associate with evening time and helps the body to relax and has calming effects on the brain. When we gaze at a flickering flame, our brain begins to shift out of our constant beta brainwave state, which is associated with reactivity, thinking, and alertness, into the alpha brainwave state, associated with a relaxed and creative state of mind. Alpha brainwaves then become theta brainwaves, which are associated with meditation and intuition. As a result in this shift of brainwaves, our mind becomes more relaxed, open, and receptive. 




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