Thirty-Four Keep Container-Storing and Organising-BOXES / ORGANISERS / CONTAINERS, CERAMIC-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor
Thirty-Four Keep Container-Storing and Organising-BOXES / ORGANISERS / CONTAINERS, CERAMIC-Forest Homes-Nature inspired decor-Nature decor

Thirty-Four Keep Container

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About this product


Matte Ceramic Storage Container

Use this beautiful, elegant ceramic container to spice up your storage game. This container is carefully handmade in a potter's wheel which ensures that every vessel is one of a kind. The unglazed exterior boasts a magnificent finish partnered with a matte lid that is individually handcrafted to make sure if fits perfectly.

Made with various heights and widths, Keep will make your counter look sophisticated and at the same time, clutter-free!


Where it comes from


These beautiful ceramic containers are created by the lovely Pooja from India. She is originally specialised in graphic design and  partnered up with a potter to turn their designs into a reality. Their products gives the best quality by being individually made and manufactured responsibly. The handcrafted items are seen as a dialogue between two different fields, two makers, two backgrounds and they hope that customers can enjoy the conversation as much as they do.





  • Size: Diameter 150mm, Height 55mm 
  • Colour: Dark
  • Materials: Stoneware and Teak Wood

Connection to Nature

How do you connect to nature with this product?

This product connects you to nature by the interaction with its building materials: natural stone and teak wood, and by using its ergonomic design made to improve our everyday wellbeing. 

Regarding the interaction with wood, it is shown that touching wood with the palm calms prefrontal cortex activity and induces parasympathetic nervous activity more than other materials, thereby inducing physiological relaxation (NCBI, 2017). 

In regards to ergonomically designed products, they support our productivity and decrease stress, whereas poor ergonomics can have a negative impact on our wellbeing (The Wellbeing Experience, 2020).




Shipping Times


Delivery within 2-3 weeks.



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Why you should choose the Thirty-Four Keep Container

Improved wellbeing with biophilic design

With the use of this item, you can increase your direct and indirect contact with nature indoors. This is shown to bring a significantly positive impact to your wellbeing.

Conscious lifestyle with sustainable production

This product has been created in ethical and environmentally friendly standards. Also, because of its great quality and materials, it's a long lasting article that you could keep for a lifetime.

Innovation & design distinction

This object is a result of innovating with materials, manufacturing, function, or product design. This allows to truly differentiate the overall design outcome of your spaces.

How to benefit from
using natural materials
in your interiors?

There’s something about the aesthetic and physical experience of natural materials that taps into a deeper part of ourselves.

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